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Over the centuries, I've taken the form of whatever suits my needs: A warlock, a demon, even a blizzard.

—"Race to the Spire"

Zhan Tiri is the main antagonist of Disney's Tangled franchise, serving as the unseen overarching antagonist of Tangled and Tangled: Before Ever After, the main antagonist of Tangled: The Series appearing as the overarching antagonist of the first two seasons and the main antagonist of Season 3 and the unseen overarching antagonist of the Hair-Raising Adventures comic series by IDW.

She Is an ancient and powerful demon sorceress of evil magical strength and skill with mind control. She is mentioned throughout Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure and seen only in flashbacks, statues and carvings throughout the first and second seasons, her true self being locked away in a remote inter-dimensional jail or world entirely cut off from Corona. When she is the powerful and destructive blizzard upon Corona, her longtime archenemy Lord Demanitus, had used what little strength he had left to activate a very rare combination of pure magic and science to built a device to ultimately defeat and imprisoned her in her home realm. One of her allies managed to escape, she formed a plan to free her as well. Zhan Tiri was close to being freed, until Rapunzel that Sugracha the Eternal had under her hypnosis broke free from it and made sure that her master would remain in her prison.

Season Two

She is seen in the House of Yesterday's Tomorrow as a statue and a doorknocker. Her second follower Tromus revealed that he, Zhan Tiri, had need for the mystical Sundrop from Princess Rapunzel's unnaturally blonde hair.

Season Three

She remains imprisoned, but after Cassandra takes on the power of the Moonstone Opal, she takes on the form of the Enchanted Girl to manipulate her and become strong enough to eventually use her new powers to unintentionally allow her to return to a physical form and greets a startled Cassandra about how it is good to be back.

At the Spire Vault, she uses the shapeshifting cloak to trick Princess Rapunzel into giving her the key to the box containing the Mind-Trap Stone by impersonating Calliope.


Season One

Season Two

Season Three


  • She is the first sorceress to appear in the Tangled universe.
  • In her borrowed form as the Enchanted Girl, she has told Princess Rapunzel that her incredible shape-shifting abilities allow her to become a blizzard, which implies that the evil sorceress had actually become the deadly blizzard that had nearly destroyed Corona

About Zhan Tiri

Thousands of Years Ago

  • "Zhan Tiri! This is your last warning! Give up this foolish quest for power!"
  • "It was, until you made it about something darker. You made it all about gaining power for yourself. You turned your back on what was right!"
  • "I had no choice, Vigor. I had to send her...to the Lost Realm."

Season One

  • "An evil warlock, Zhan Tiri, had a deep hatred for Corona. He cast a spell that created a deadly snowstorm that nearly wiped out Corona."

Season Two

  • "That's probably because this tree was once known as the Tree of Zhan Tiri."
  • "The ancient sorcerer whose magic that caused a deadly snowstorm that nearly destroyed Corona?"
  • "Let's not forget his little art teacher buddy who turned you into a zombie"
  • "You might have mentioned Zhan Tiri before you dragged us in here!!"
  • "It was corrupted by the evil sorcerer to destroy any who approached it. It was Zhan Tiri's stronghold. Inside it, he was invincible."
  • "The heart of Zhan Tiri's tree."
  • "I promise you, Master: I will keep the Sundrop in this house...forever."
  • "My master, Zhan Tiri, has need of this little Sundrop."
  • "The power of the Sundrop is nearly in Zhan Tiri's grasp!!"
  • "How do we know he's not another one of Zhan Tiri's cronies?"
  • "My pupils betrayed me and unleashed my old nemesis, Zhan Tiri, a warlock from another realm, bent on destruction. It took all my strength to banish the evil from our world."
  • "I could not let Zhan Tiri find me."

Season Three

  • "Who are you?"
  • "You! What are you doing here!?"
  • "Have we met!!?"
  • "You're...Zhan Tiri! But that doesn't make sense. Cass knows how evil Zhan Tiri is. Why would she team up with-"
  • "My friend told me there were suspicious things going"
  • "Your friend?! Listen, Cass, that little friend-"
  • "You were right."
  • "You!! What are you doing here!!?"
  • "I said, Get away from me!!"
  • "I don't believe you!!"
  • "Zhan Tiri was right!!"
  • "Not to mention Zhan Tiri. I mean I don't think any of us are up to fighting an ancient demon creature."
  • "Neither was Lord Demanitus. When I was researching the Scroll, I found out Demanitus banished Zhan Tiri to some kind of netherworld."
  • "It needs to be close enough to Zhan Tiri to suck her back in. And she's with Cass in the castle."
  • "We just need to make sure everyone is clear of the portal. Or else, you know, they'll end up in limbo right along with Zhan Tiri."
  • "We are talking about the same old fool who outsmarted you and trapped you in oblivion for over two millennia."
  • "You should know: I'm not big on giving up!"
  • "I think Zhan Tiri has your mind so clouded with anger and hate that you don't even know what you want anymore."
  • "You are playing right into Zhan Tiri's plan."
  • "I've already taken care of Zhan Tiri."
  • "How did you-?"
  • "All set to send Zhan Tiri back."
  • "Now all we gotta do is figure out how to lure Zhan Tiri into that portal."
  • "Okay, if that thing is that little girl, then she has really hit an unfortunate growth spurt."
  • "We gotta stop Zhan Tiri before it's-"
  • "Lady Squidbottom here thinks we're calling it quits. You do not know Coronans very well, now do you?"
  • "Let's hit her with everything we've got."
  • "Hey, Zhan Tiri, catch!"
  • "You could've taken the form of a chimp, like your buddy, but no!! You just had to be whatever that is!!"
  • "I guess we'll never know, now that Zhan Tiri has them both."
  • "We can use it to fight back against Zhan Tiri!"
  • "You can use it to fight Zhan Tiri."
  • "What have you done?"
  • "She's too strong!"


Millennia Ago

  • "This quest for the Sundrop and Moonstone was both of ours!!"
  • "You turned your back on me!! As long as I live, I will never stop until I have that power!!"
  • "THIS IS FAR FROM OVER!! I will have that power!! And when I do, I will destroy your beloved Corona!! I PROMISE!! YOU!"

As the Enchanted Girl

  • (whispering) "Cassandra."
  • "There you are, Cassandra. I've nearly given up on you."
  • "A friend or at least I'd like to be."
  • "Do you recognize that child?"
  • "Mother. Yes. It is."
  • "I'm sorry that happened to you, Cassandra. Sometimes the most painful truths can be the most difficult to remember. You've always been out-shined by Rapunzel, haven't you? And you always will, unless.."
  • "You're doing it wrong."
  • "I'm here to help you learn how to master the Moonstone's power. It responds to hatred and anger. If you truly want to wield the Moonstone, you mustn't be afraid to tap into the depths of your deepest rage. Remember what she put you through, and use that fury, Cassandra."
  • "She was your friend, and you betrayed her."
  • "When Rapunzel touched the Moonstone's black rocks, they gave her their protective power. This kept the Sundrop safe until she made her way to the Dark Kingdom."
  • "And the Moonstone belongs to you. So you see, even the power of the Moonstone is not completely yours."
  • "You will Cassandra, in time."
  • "Of course you do. It is to destroy Rapunzel."
  • "You're connected to the rocks. They respond to your feelings. Even fear."
  • "You once questioned why had no destiny. Now that you have one, don't question it. You must wield the powers of the Moonstone and the Sundrop. But you cannot do that without destroying Rapunzel."
  • "Do you see now? Rapunzel can strip you of your power, Cassandra. If you do not destroy her, she will destroy you."
  • "Those incantations were our only hope of unlocking the power of the Moonstone; aside from the Demantius Scroll, but that was destroyed millennia ago."
  • "Questioning your path, are you?"
  • "She's trying to trick you!"
  • "So this is your plan? Running away?"
  • "You've done well Cassandra, soon Rapunzel will come for the boy.
  • "One would think that now you have the power of the black rocks, you wouldn't feel the need to hide."
  • "I don't need to remind you that defeat is not an option. And when Rapunzel comes for you, you must be prepared to protect what is rightfully yours."
  • "You will face her with the full power of the Moonstone"
  • "Let them in."
  • "Defeating her is not enough. You must take away who she is, force her to fight you. You've held back long enough. Let her in and finish this now."
  • "Break her spirit!!"
  • "Never mind that! You are more powerful! Finish this!"
  • "Finally! The clash of Sun and Moon has released me from my prison. It's good to be back."
  • "It looks like we'll need that key after all."
  • "To us, no. But we may have other methods at our disposal."
  • "It's in her bag."
  • "I love this cloak."
  • "Let's speed this up"
  • "I'll take that."
  • "Oh, Princess."
  • "Thanks for your compassion."
  • "I believe Cassandra promised us a proper introduction, but she failed to deliver, didn't she?. Frankly, I'm surprised you haven't guessed who I am; seeing as we already met, in a way. You see, over the centuries, I've taken the form of whatever suits my needs- A warlock, a demon, even a blizzard."
  • "Cassandra knows only what I want her to know. I'm playing her, Rapunzel. She has no idea, but she is under my complete control. Prepare yourself, Sundrop. An eclipse is coming and when it does, Corona will become nothing more than dust."
  • "Hello again, old friend. My dear Demanitus, I wanted you to know: You've lost. When the eclipse comes, I shall draw the powers of the Sundrop and the Moonstone to myself. And as for their human hosts, to ensure that their once inseparable bond doesn't interfere, I have set a plan into motion that will cement their rift."
  • "You poor thing. But now you know. And that knowledge will only make you stronger."
  • "And?"
  • "Perhaps. Or perhaps I simply pushed you to become what you were always meant to be."
  • "Oh, quit pretending you’re horrified. We're not so different, you and I. We were both cheated out of destiny!! In fact, we're more like sisters than you and Rapunzel ever were! We both want the same thing! And we can get it if you continue you to let me help you."
  • "Doesn't it?"
  • "Run, Cassandra! But you can't run from who you are!"
  • "I'm sure it will."
  • "You didn't really think your plan to make things right would work, did you?"
  • "I don't understand. You could have just gone up to her and apologized, face to face."
  • "You made more than a few opportunities and even still, you haven't done it. Why is that? I think-"
  • "You're right to be scared. I'm guessing she hasn't told you about Project Obsidian, a weapon that was designed to destroy you. Rapunzel just authorized it yesterday."
  • "You can ask her yourself if you don't believe me. Here. You might want something to defend yourself against her. This potion may be your only protection against the Princess when she inevitably turns on you."
  • "Looking for someone?"
  • "Joke while you can. But the eclipse is upon us."
  • "Come, Child, give up while you can."
  • "The eclipse has already begun to weaken the Sundrop's strength. It is time for you to face the Princess and take the power that is rightfully yours."
  • "I've been in far worse prisons."
  • "Oh, Cassandra, so predictable. Have you learned nothing from me? No matter how formidable an obstacle, everything has its weakness. And I have a gift of finding it."
  • "Finally! They're mine. I'd like to thank you both for taking care of what rightfully belongs to me. At long last, THEY...ARE...MINE!!"

In True Form

  • "Let the age of Zhan Tiri begin!"
  • "At last- the power is mine!! I've dreamt of wielding the power of the Sundrop and Moonstone for centuries!"
  • "You may have been a worthy adversary once, Princess. But now you are nothing!"
  • "And you! You lost before you even began, Girl. Just like your mother- Failed by your own ego."
  • "I'm sorry if I gave the impression we were having a conversation."
  • "Now watch as I finally deliver on a promise I made long ago!!! Time to destroy Corona."
  • "Have you come to watch me obliterate your kingdom?"
  • "Coronans have always the same-Pathetic!"
  • "Is this the best that Corona has to offer? What do we have here?"
  • "Enough!!"
  • "You're only prolonging your own demise."
  • "I grow tired of this. At last, Corona dies!!"
  • "I am keeping my promise to Demanitus by destroying Corona."
  • "Do you honestly think you can stand up to my power!!?"
  • "And now the sun finally sets on Corona."
  • "Is it your plan to keep me here forever!?"
  • "NO! No! No, no, no! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" (Final words as she is destroyed)


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