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With You by My Side is a song during the season two finale episode of Tangled: The Series, Destinies Collide. It is sung by RapunzelEugene and Cassandra as they come to the end of their journey to The Dark Kingdom.


Cassandra: Now
Now more than ever
We must stick together
Eugene: Now
It's now or never
So let's face the future
Clear sighted
Rapunzel: Somehow we've managed to make it this far
It's been one heck of a ride
All: There's nothing I couldn't do
Not with you by my side

Cassandra: Maybe tomorrow
We'll find to our sorrow
Our story has come to an ending
Eugene: Maybe we're fated
To be separated
Who knows where our paths might be bending
Rapunzel: How I wish we could stay here forever this way
But perhaps there's no point in pretending
Cassandra: If we're destined to head in our own different ways
Rapunzel & Cassandra: Let's make the most of these sweet final days
All: Why not go out in a glorious blaze

'Cause now
Now more than ever
We're still here together
It's now or never
So let's stand as one

When we look back at this moment we had
Betcha we tremble with pride
There's nothing I couldn't do
Not with you by my side
What in the world would I do

Cassandra: Without you
Eugene: Without you
Rapunzel: Without you
All: By my side


  • The way Rapunzel is laying on the grass during the song alongside Eugene and Cassandra is the exact same way Ash Ketchum laid on the grass of the opening song The Challenge of Life of the Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon - Ultra Legends.