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Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? is the fourth episode of the third season of Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure. It first aired on October 9, 2019 to 0.24 million viewers[1], and it is the fifty-first episode of the series overall.


Rapunzel and Eugene's friends Angry and Red return to Corona permanently; their return quickly becomes a nightmare when the kingdom is stalked by a werewolf.[2]


Old Corona is being rebuilt and Angry and Red have returned. They have decided to retire from their lives as thieves and permanently settle down in Corona. However, Red does not seem that excited about their idea, and would rather stay in their old tree house in the woods, but Angry will not listen. While inspecting Old Corona's progress, a shepherd rushes over to Rapunzel with news that something has been terrorizing all livestock in the kingdom. Nobody knows what it is but it has all the sheep flocks running scared. Rapunzel and her friends begin investigating and discover what appears to be wolf prints. However, the prints are bigger than a regular wolf, and the tracks aren't side by side, meaning it walks on two feet. So it could not be a wolf. Just then they notice something lurking in the woods. Rapunzel, Eugene and Lance chase after it. Rapunzel captures the unknown stalker with her hair, who turns out to be a tracker named Captain.

At the castle, Captain Creighton explains that she is hunting a werewolf which happens to be in Corona. According to her book, the wolf's curse travels the globe in search of hosts who harbors suppressed rage. It inhabits that person's body and turns him or her into a werewolf whenever there is a full moon. Creighton plans to find the werewolf and destroy it, only for Rapunzel to protest. If one of her subjects was a werewolf she wasn't going to let her cause harm to that person. After throwing Creighton out, Rapunzel makes a plan to find the wolf first and try to help it in anyway. She hopes to do this quietly and avoid causing panic, but the whole kingdom quickly becomes aware of the werewolf.

According to Creighton's book, a werewolf in its human form has a blue paw shaped mark known as "the mark of the wolf", which is found somewhere on the person's hands, arms or face. Since the curse feeds on someone with suppressed rage, they just have to find someone who harbors seated anger. During her investigation, Rapunzel begins to suspect that Monty is the werewolf, especially when she notices the blue mark on him. During the night, Rapunzel, Eugene and Lance follow him, and when they suspect he's fleeing they chase after him on Maximus and Fidella. When they catch up with him, they realize he is not the werewolf, since the full moon is out and he hasn't grown any fur or fangs.

In Old Corona, people are in panic because the werewolf is attacking the village. Creighton arrives at the scene with her crossbow. the werewolf flees into the woods and Rapunzel goes after it. However, the werewolf soon chases after her and corners her. It is at this point that Rapunzel realizes the werewolf is actually Red when she notices her necklace around the beast's neck. With Angry's help, they find Red hiding in their old tree house. She has the mark of the wolf on left cheek. It turns out about a month ago when Angry decided they should move to Corona, Red went for a walk after she wouldn't listen to her wishes to stay in the woods. During that night, Red stumbled upon the werewolf curse which offered her an opportunity to be heard, using her concealed anger to get what she wants. So, she gave in.

Creighton's book happens to have a ritual that can get rid of the curse. They carry out the ritual on Janis Point during the full moon, but as they cast the incantations, Red halts everything, saying she doesn't want to get rid of the wolf. Then she lets out her feelings and frustrations of everyone saying whats best for her and how she longs to be heard and make decisions for herself. Just then, Creighton shows up and reveals there is no ritual that can get rid of the curse. She only added that in the book as a ruse to lure werewolf out. Suddenly, Red transforms into the werewolf and flees into the woods.

Creighton goes after Red, but she quickly overpowers the hunter and has her at her mercy. However, she is stopped by Angry who apologizes for not listening to her and promises to do better. This enables Red to return to her senses and lets Creighton go, who flees. The next day, Angry and Red move back into their newly rebuilt and expanded tree house after coming to a compromise between each other.

Meanwhile, Cassandra is trying to get her powers to work but is having no luck. The Enchanted Girl says she much embrace her anger and rage in order to master her powers, and she does so.







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  • The episode title references the children's The Three Little Pigs storybook and the song from the Silly Symphony of the same name.
  • There are references to the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood", like Rapunzel saying to the werewolf AKA Catalina "My, what big teeth you have"
  • It is revealed that Angry and Red's real names are Kiera and Catalina.
  • Kiera and her sister Catalina aren't traveling again as of the episode because they decided to stay at Corona permanently as mentioned by themselves at the beginning of the episode.
  • This title is a reference to the song "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?" from The Three Little Pigs.
  • There are references to the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood", like Rapunzel is saying to the werewolf "My, what big teeth you have." and the identity of the werewolf being the girl nicknamed Red.
  • Rapunzel's line "Best hug ever" is a nod to her line "Best day ever!" from the movie Tangled.
  • Eugene and Lance recall the events of the season one episode Painter's Block and the series respectively.
  • Catalina is shown to be still wearing the leaf necklace she received from her sister Kiera as a gift at the near end of the season two episode Vigor the Visionary.
  • The Egyptian jackal-headed god Anubis appears on a page of the Lycanthrope book.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


  • The flower that Pascal puts on Catalina's hair when she is feeling down disappears for the remainder of the episode.


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