Wand of Oblivium is a strong wand of great magical power which gives amnesia to whoever is hit with its sparkly pink magic. It is was made in the kingdom of Saporia.

Magical Abilities

Memory Erasure: With a burst of its sparkly pink magic, it causes complete memory loss to whoever is hit with it.


  • It is the only wand to appear in the show.

About the Wand of Oblivium

Season Two

  • "A Wand of Oblivium. Erases that you wish to forget".
  • "Oooh. A memory wand. I wonder if it works?"

Season Three

  • "That's a Saporian memory wand. You have erased their memories."
  • I'm synthesizing the wand's power into a gas that will erase the memories of everyone in Corona.
  • "If my new machine works the way I think it should, and it will, we are moments away from reversing the effects of the Saporian's memory wand."
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