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Vigor the Visonary is an episode of the second season of Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure and it is the sixth overall. It first aired on July 29, 2018.


Rapunzel and Eugene encounter a monkey with psychic abilities. His visions lead them to the family of their young friend and former thief Angry.


One beautiful day, Rapunzel and Eugene are out riding in the woods together with Maximus and Fidella. Eugene has a special date planned for them with a dinner for two and a view of the stars. But because he entrusted Maximus with the arrangements, the special date happens to be spending the day picking apples from an apple tree. Rapunzel does not mind it and enjoys picking the apples. Just then, they hear a distant jingling sound. They follow it to a gypsy wagon belonging to a creepy woman named Madame Canardist. She tells them they can have their fortunes told by the great Vigor the Visionary, on the account that they pay five silver pieces. Eugene does not believe in psychics, but Rapunzel is excited to give it a try. Madame Canardist escorts them inside the wagon and introduces them to Vigor the Visionary, who happens to be a monkey. Rapunzel and Eugene sit down at his table, and Vigor uses his psychic powers to tell their fortune. Madame Canardist writes it down on a piece of paper and gives it to Rapunzel. The note says "If you see someone fall pick them up". Eugene is not convinced, saying that was not a fortune.

After leaving the wagon, Rapunzel and Eugene are back on the move, riding Maximus and Fidella. Eugene still remains cynical that all that psychic nonsense was phony. Rapunzel is surprised by him. They have seen many strange things together, such as magic hair, magic rocks, and sword fighting horses, and yet he does not believe in fortune tellers. Eugene says they are all sleazy underhanded flyby night dubious hucksters, and he intends to prove it. They return to the wagon and find Madame Canardist in despair. Vigor has been taken by thieves. Rapunzel volunteers to help her find him. Eugene at first refuse to look for a monkey but changes his tone when he finds a familiar hair comb and has a good idea of who took Vigor.

The thieves who took Vigor turn out to be Angry and Red, who bump into Rapunzel and Eugene while using a banana to lure Vigor to follow them. Rapunzel is delighted to see Angry and Red again, as are the two girls. However, the happy reunion is cut short and they get back to the point. Angry and Red assure them they are only borrowing Vigor. Earlier, they crossed paths with Madame Canardist while walking through the forest and told them how Vigor could tell them their past and future. Vigor did his usual psychic performance and then grabbed Angry's necklace, which is the only thing she has left of her family. Madame Canardist then gave them their fortune which was "Follow the leaf to find your tree". This made Angry believe that she has a long lost family somewhere. She wanted to know more, but they had to give Vigor more money. Since Angry and Red were broke, they decided to "borrow" the monkey. Either way, it was still stealing. Eugene tells them to take Vigor back, but Angry does not want to yet. Rapunzel understands Eugene wants Angry and Red to do the right thing, but she realizes they have been on their own for a long time and if there is a slight chance that Vigor can lead them to a home then they should take it. Eugene reluctantly agrees to help Angry and Red on the account that they return Vigor once the search is done.

Using money, Vigor guides them to a misty village known as Fortuna. The streets are deserted and everyone shuts themselves inside their homes. They meet a Fish Monger and a Minstrel, who explain the reason why everyone was hiding from them. They thought they were the Daylight thieves, and warn them that they are nasty crooks of the worse. Afterward, they get back on their way, and Eugene starts to worry that they may not find what Angry is hoping for. Rapunzel assures him that whatever happens they will be there for them. They leave the village and arrive in a very misty part of the forest, looking for Snake Canyon. They find it hard to see through the mist. However, they find Snake Canyon but find nothing else. Eugene, still not convinced that Vigor has psychic abilities, refuses to give him another coin for more information, but the monkey points out a cottage on a mountain pillar to Angry. The cross a wooden bridge to the cottage, and notice there are people inside. Angry is feeling excited but Eugene advises caution. He suggests that he and Rapunzel should do the talking first, but once the door is answered Angry rushes in and hugs a woman who she claims to be her mother. Eugene explains the matter, and the woman along with her husband greet Angry and Red warmly. Angry thanks Rapunzel and Eugene, and they leave quietly with Vigor. However, as they cross the bridge Eugene feels that something is not right. His suspicions are confirmed when Vigor shows them a stolen minstrel's piccolo. The couple, known as Petuina and William, happen to be the Daylight thieves. Rapunzel and Eugene ride Fidella and Maximus back to the cottage to save Angry and Red, but William cuts the bridge before they could get across. They fall down into the misty canyon below.

Everyone survives the fall, and Rapunzel finds Eugene hanging from a vine. He falls further down the canyon until he reaches the bottom which is filled with snakes. Eugene tries to climb back up but falls again when a snake surprises him. However, Rapunzel comes to his rescue. They climb out of the canyon and arrive at the cottage in time to discover that Angry and Red already took care of Petuina and William. Angry is outside by herself, feeling rather disappointed. She let her hopes of finding a family cloud her judgment. Remembering their fortune and how they met, Rapunzel and Eugene help Angry realize the family she has been searching for was already by her side, with Red.

As promised, Angry and Red return Vigor to Madame Canardist, but then they disappear without a trace, leaving Eugene to pay Canardist the money they owe. Rapunzel and Eugene then ride off on Maximus and Fidella, returning to what is left of their date.



  • Rapunzel and Eugene do not wear their new outfits during the episode.
  • Angry and Red return for the second time and this is the last episode of the series that they will wear their original outfits.
  • Lance Strongbow, Cassandra, Owl, Pascal, Hook Foot and Shorty do not appear during the episode.
  • It is also the only episode of the series where Rapunzel appears without Pascal even though he is mentioned by Eugene at the beginning.                                                                                    


  • Rapunzel and Eugene are shown to be wearing their second season outfits when they are riding on Fidella and Maximus on a trail but at a closer view, Rapunzel and Eugene are wearing their original outfits.