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Vardaros is a city that appears in Tangled: The Series.

It appeared in "The Return of Quaid" and "Goodbye and Goodwill"


Vardaros is located between a canyon. According to Eugene and Lance, Vardaros was once beautiful and lively, having earned the reputation of being the "City of Fun and Games". When they return to the city in Beyond the Corona Walls, however, they find that it has since been overtaken by a ruthless kingpin known as the Baron. The population, though minuscule, mostly consists of crooks and con artists.

Places of Interest

  • The Baron's Castle: The home and base of operation of the Baron, his daughter, and their team of thugs.


  • According to Eugene in Beyond the Corona Walls, the Baron has not always ruled Vardaros and has merely decided to "set up shop" in the city.
  • Rapunzel brought Captain Quaid from retirement so he can protect Vardaros
  • Rapunzel tried to bring the Goodwill tradition to Vardaros before she leaves