Varian was "secretly" in a season 2 episode when Rapunzel and her friends are fighting over an idol and Rapunzel runs away with it. The Lorbs then attempt to take it and anger Rapunzel. When she is angry and holding the idol, she sees a hallucination of Varian. In the vision, Varian has kidnapped the king (this time) and proceeds to attempt to pour a potion in his mouth. Rapunzel in infuriated and attempts to save her hallucinated father from Varian, so she leaps forward at him (witch is really just a tower of Lorbs wearing special gloves.) She then topples them, and the Lorbs absorb the magic of the idol witch turns them evil. Then they kidnap Rapunzel and the spell is only broken at the end when Rapunzel breaks the idol with a rock. On a cliff. Probably taller than her hair is long (70 feet).

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