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    Zhan Tiri's forms in the Loud House style.

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  • TangledVarian4Eves

    Varian and Cassandra's kids and Rapunzel and Eugene's kids years after Tangled: The Series.

    Victor is one of Varian and Cassandra's kids. He is a responsible, do-gooder. He is determined to save the world and is determined to make his parents proud. He takes after his dad quite a bit. He is highly intelligent, responsible, and selfless. He wants to help others, even if some don't need help. He's determined to save the world and make his parents proud.

    Age: 14

    Likes: Alchemy, helping others, inventing things, reading, writing, and his family

    Dislikes: Being manipulated, ignorance, being judged, and being overlooked

    Family: Varian and Cassandra (parents)

    Lara and Ginny (sisters)

    Toby (brother)

    Mother Gothel (grandmother)

    Quirin (grandfather) 

    The Capt…

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  • TangledVarian4Eves

    Main Tangled characters in The Loud House style.

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