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  • I live in Corona I am just kidding I really live in U.S.A
  • I was born on December 30
  • My occupation is High School Freshmen
  • I am Girl, Female
  • Hicutie

    Hello Everyone!

    I want you all know about this podcast I recently discovered. It is called Corona Conversations  and it is made by Caleb and Anna, 2 fans of Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure that does episode reviews. And I made my own podcast  Well thanks for reading this blog post. 

    Links: (corona conversations) (my own podcast)

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  • Hicutie


    Rapunzel is magical she has the Sundrop power but the magic is not only in the hair but it is in herself one way to prove that is when Rapunzel saved Eugene at the time Eugene cutted Rapunzel's hair and  he nearly started dying so it made Rapunzel so sad she began crying and one single tear healed him proving that she still has the power of the Sundrop even without her golden hair. 

    But that is clearly not the only magical ability after all in the Secret of the Sundrop she controled the rocks movement  when her hair was glowing in Beyond the Corona Walls it was shown that she couldn't use this new ability the same way and that she must learn how to use and control the Sundrop's power.  

    The opal seen in the begining of Beyond the Corona W…

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  • Hicutie

    It is true Season 2 is going to premeire on June 24, 2018!!!  But I want to metion that Stalyan is not the only new character according from a exclusive post  there are serveal other characters that you will see in Season 2, the other new characters are: Madam Canardist , Goodberry, King Edmund, Vex, and Seraphina.  Demanitus (he is the person who  created an important device used in Queen for a Day and he was a hero that is metioned in one of Xavier 's legends) will make his first apperance in Season 2. 

    I doubt if we will see Goodberry the fast-talking host since the season is about Rapunzel uncovering the mystery of the black rocks and also about Eugene 's past but Goodberry could be a minor character. And I wonder what Seraphina looks l…

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