Tirapai Island is a tropical island that appears in Tangled: The Series.


The island is a place of tropical paradise, surrounded by beautiful blue seas, lush green foliage, and sandy yellow beaches. It is better known for its bountiful fruit, which is harvested by cargo ferries and brought to the mainland during each new moon. The island is also the home to small plant-like creatures called the Lorbs.

Rapunzel and her friends become shipwrecked on Tirapai Island during a storm while following the Black Rocks across the ocean. Since the only way off the island is to wait for the ferry that comes to harvest the fruit on each new moon, Rapunzel and her friends begin building shelters. Shortly after, they meet the island's locals, the Lorbs, who mistake Pascal as their legendary ruler. Also during their stay, Rapunzel discovers that the Lanterns that were launched during her Birthday ended up on the island, where the Lorbs used them to decorate their village.

Notable Places

  • Lorb Village: The home of the Lorb tribe and people. It is decorated with Corona lanterns that have landed on the island.
  • Rapunzel and Cassandra's shelter hut: A shelter that the girls built, so they and their friends could have a roof over their heads and a place to stay, while waiting to be rescued.
  • Temple of Torb: A Temple that is the only place where the Idol of Vershaftsbezeigungengien can be destroyed, by bringing the idol to the top of it and destroying it there.
  • Jetty: The jetty where the cargo ferry docks and harvests the fruits regularly on the new moon. Rapunzel and her friends were rescued and left the island by the ferry after residing on the island for six weeks.


  • The landscape of the island is identical to the sand sculpture of Eugene's dream island in "I've Got a Dream" scene of Tangled.
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