Through It All is sung by Rapunzel, Eugene, Lance, Varian, King Frederic, Queen Arianna, Attila, Vladimir, Shorty, in the series finale "Plus Est En Vous" as Rapunzel, her friends, her parents and Eugene's dad prepare to fight against Zhan Tiri and Cassandra.  


Rapunzel: I'm not gonna sugarcoat this. This is the biggest challenge this kingdom has ever faced. Eugene: No offense, Varian. Varian: Eh.

Time now to fight Let's do what we must do Let’s turn our losing streak around Rise and unite Let’s do what we must do If we’re to win We can’t turn back or sneak around Once we begin The only way i If we're to win The only way is through Through the fire Through the rain We’ll face whatever the fates may bring And tear through every wall Through the fear Through the pain And as one We will rise Marching tall Through it all

Rapunzel: It's not gonna be easy. But it's our only option. Who's with me?

Eugene: Time now to stand King Frederic: Let's save our home and take it back Lance Strongbow: At your command Attila: I'm in! Vladimir: And me! Shorty: Me too! Varian: Onward we ride Who knows if we will make it back? Queen Arianna: We're at your side Rapunzel: Together we'll come through

Chorus: Through the strife Through the fray Rapunzel: We can't hold back in this time of need Eugene: We all must heed the call Chorus: Through the dark To the day All: And as one We will rise Marching tall Through it all

Chorus: Time now to fight To face whatever fate may bring (Rapunzel: Through it all!) Right over might Till victory and freedom ring (Rapunzel: Through it all!) Stand and unite For home and hearth and land and king For love and life and everything

All: Through it all (Through it all) Through it all (Through it all) Through it all! </poem>


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