The Spire is a vault on top of a tall, winding mountain. The Spire contains many artifacts, all of which are entrusted to the Keeper of the Spire.


The Spire is a massive pine-cone-shaped structure covered with light blue and medium blue rocks. It sits atop a tall mountain, at whose base lies the Keeper's Place, in which the Keeper and assistant live.

Inside the spire is a spiraling staircase with many artifacts decorating the walls and staircase pillar.

Inside the spire


In Keeper of the Spire, Rapunzel, Eugene, Cassandra, and Lance visit the mountain on which the Spire resides because Adira tells them it is where they will find the third piece of the mysterious scroll. Eventually, the gang make it to the spire and find the piece of the scroll they were looking for.

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