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When a new crime boss tries to rise to power in Vardaros, Rapunzel seeks to coax an old lawman out of retirement to help save the day. 


Following The Baron's defeat, Rapunzel and the group are ready to depart Vardaros, but Rapunzel is unhappy to leave the city in a disastrous state. Matters worsen when Anthony the Weasel, the Baron's right-hand man decides take over Vardaros as the new leader. Rapunzel and the group intervene, but Anthony promises to return in a few days to permanently take over the city. Rapunzel and the group stay to fight, but find no one is willing to help. Vex advises the group to seek out Captain Quaid, the former sheriff of Vardaros who is now retired. Rapunzel and the group go to meet Quaid and convince him to come out of retirement to help save Vardaros. Quaid is rusty after years of retirement, causing him to lose confidence in himself but also believes Vardaros is no longer worth saving. Rapunzel and the group retrain Quaid and secretly help get his confidence back by faking a robbery. With renewed confidence, Quaid agrees to help and makes Vex his deputy, but changes his mind when he learns the robbery was faked, resulting in Vex, Rapunzel and the group facing Anthony alone. Anthony returns with a bounty hunter and while they originally have the upper hand against the group, Quaid returns and alongside Vex are victorious after inspiring the citizens to take back their city.




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