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The Great Tree is a location in Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure.


In Rapunzel and the Great Tree, the black rocks lead Rapunzel to said tree.


Season Two

  • Rapunzel and the Great Tree (first appearance)
  • Destinies Collide (flashback)

Season Three

  • Islands Apart (final appearance)


Season Two

  • "The Great Tree!"
  • "Millennia ago, this was once a sentient being; a force for good. But it was corrupted by the evil sorcerer. It was Zhan Tiri's stronghold. Inside it, he was invincible. But, Lord Demantius, put a stop the Tree's magic using an enchanted spear."
  • "The heart of Zhan Tiri's tree."
  • "All who enter the Great Tree of Zhan Tiri shall be destroyed!!"
  • "That spear can kill it!!"
  • "I could have stopped the Tree, even without the decay spell."

Season Three

  • "This is all that is left of the Great Tree."