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The Girl Who Has Everything is sung in the mid-season special, Cassandra's Revenge as Rapunzel contemplates all the joys of her life.


I was always taught
"Nobody's got it all,"
And I never thought
I had a shot at all,
But to my surprise,
Look at how lucky I've been.

Freedom to explore,
Work that I love to do,
Friends that I adore—
'Specially, well, you-know-who.
I'm not keeping score;
Still though I pretty much win.

Yes, I get to be the girl who has everything;
The world's on a golden string
And somehow it's mine.
Just look at me, the girl who has everything,
And I can tell everything is gonna be fine!

Think of all I've done:
Life's really tested me.
Sometimes I have won;
Sometimes it's bested me.
Things got pretty dark—
Now though the dawn's comin' through.
Yes, now I'm safe and sound
Back with my family.
When I look around,
I see how things can be.
Everywhere I turn
There's so much more I can do!

And I get to be the girl who has everything.
The blessings this world can bring
Are falling in line.
Somehow that's me, the girl who has everything—
Well, practically everything.
I'm sure there's more everything.
For now, I've got everything,
And everything's fine!

|-|Reprise Version=

<poem> I'm gonna be the girl who has everything As soon as he wears this ring and swears that he's mine True, we don't know what obstacles fate may bring But why put off everything when we can share everything? 'Cause once he's my everything then everything will be fine</nowiki>