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The Forest of No Return is a location in Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure.


This dark forest shifts positions at random times, making it hard to find an exit.


In the episode, Forest of No Return, Adira has a strange map she made years ago during her first visit and said forest that would safely lead them out. Later in the episode, Eugene mentions the words "inside-out" which makes Adira realize that the forest moves in an "inside-out" pattern, so she moves her map inside out.

One of the dangers of said forest are the land pits - which swallow objects and humans and transports them to another part of the forest.


  • According to Adira, the forest contains "beauties of pure evil" such as the colorful flowers which are really huge spiders called drexes. Pupshrooms can be dangerous too.
  • There is a small swamp on the Eastern boarder.
  • The word 'pupshroom' is a play on the words 'pup' and 'mushroom', but the more resemble toadstools.