The Eye of Pincosta is the thirty-fourth episode of Tangled: The Series. It is the thirteenth episode in the second season.


In order to get Eugene out of jail, Princess Rapunzel must work with his ex-fiancée, Stalyan, to find a rare diamond that she and Eugene, as Flynn Rider, stole many years ago.


The group arrive in the town of Pincosta, but Eugene is immediately thrown in jail for having previously stolen the town's largest diamond, the Eye of Pincosta. The sheriff declares Eugene to work in the deadly copper mines and soon the rest of the group are thrown in jail. Rapunzel negotiates with the sheriff, offering to find and retrieve the Eye of Pincosta in exchange for everyone's release. The sheriff agrees, but on the condition that she returns within two days. Rapunzel confronts Eugene about the theft and reluctantly, reveals he previously worked together with Stalyan, forcing Rapunzel to seek her out and persuades her to help. 

Rapunzel and Stalyan track down the owner of the jewel, Mr. Goodberry, who agrees to hand over the Eye if they participate in his wrestling match. Rapunzel agrees, but Stalyan double crosses her, revealing she stole back the Eye and intends to use it to free Eugene and win him back for herself.

Rapunzel is left to fight on her own, but Stalyan returns with a change of heart after finding a letter Rapunzel previously wrote to her, encouraging her there is good in everyone. Rapunzel and Stalyan are declared the winners and the two part ways, but not before Stalyan reveals her acceptance of Eugene and Rapunzel's love for each other. Rapunzel returns to Pincosta with the Eye, setting Eugene and her friends free.


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  • The lady that has sharp teeth that appeared in Challenge of the Brave reappears in this episode.
  • This is the second episode Rapunzel's hands are handcuffed. The first was Under Raps alongside Cassandra.
  • This is also second episode Eugene's hands are handcuffed. The first was Big Brothers of Corona.
  • The way Malice Marauder removes Pascal from her hair in this episode is similar to the way The Baron threw Pascal off him in Beyond the Corona Walls.
  • The way Pascal tells Rapunzel to use her hair to trip Malice Marauder in this episode is similar to the way Pascal will tell Rapunzel to use her hair to trip the evil doppelgañgers of Eugene, Cassandra, Lance and Shorty in Mirror, Mirror.
  • The way Malice Marauder is about to defeat Rapunzel in this episode is going to be similar to the way Zhan Tiri will strike Rapunzel in Plus Est En Vous
  • The way Rapunzel is laying down inside the ring after Malice Marauder spins Rapunzel around by grabbing her hair in this episode is similar to the way Varian was slammed to a pillar by an Automaton in The Alchemist Returns and it is also similar to the way Eugene was slammed to a wall by an Automaton in Secret of the Sun Drop.
  • The cloak that Rapunzel is wearing in the episode is similar to her usual cloak that she wore in Tangled: Before Ever After, Secret of the Sun Drop and Rapunzeltopia. Also, Rapunzel will wear her usual cloak in Rapunzel's Return and Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?
  • The way Stalyan says "Hey Malice" in this episode when the former appears at the entrance is similar to the way Rapunzel said "Hey Baron" when she knocked him out with her frying pan in Beyond the Corona Walls and it will also be similar to the way Varian says "Hey Zhan Tiri" when he flings his chemical at her in Plus Est En Vous. Also, it is similar to the way Cassandra said "Hey Wreck" when she aimed her arrows at the back of his shirt when he is attached to a pole in Challenge of the Brave and it is similar to the way Varian said " Hey Princess when he walks in front of the laundry cart in Great Expotations.
  • This is the second episode that Rapunzel is handcuffed after Under Raps.
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