The Dark Castle is the castle/palace which was once home of the royal families of the Dark Kingdom for many centuries, as Corona Castle is for the light kingdom of Corona.

In its center is a chamber in which the almighty Moonstone Opal horded its evil powers of death and destruction until its opposite came to reunite with it, calling form the ultimate power of the cosmos.


For centuries since the Moonstone and its defenses had grown around it, it has been home to the royal family who vowed to protect the world from the Stone's limitless heavenly power, even if it cost them their very lives in the process.

A quarter of a century ago, the last dark king, Edmund, had had quite enough of the Opal constantly leaving death and annihilation in its wake, having just recently taken the life of beloved wife and queen.

He then ordered his people to leave the caste and the entire kingdom, even giving one of the loyal handmaidens his own newborn child. As the years passed, he gradually became influenced by the Opal's dark power and became quite a loner, having none to talk to but his crow Hamuel.


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