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Requests for Staff (RfS) is the process by which the community decides who will become a Wiki Staff Member, who are trusted editors to serve as a Rollback, Chat Moderator, Discussions Moderator, Content Moderator, or even a Admin.


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Request Process

1. A user submits their request for staff.

2. Users in the community will have a period of time to support, oppose, or remain neutral to a user's request. IPs, or users without accounts are not allowed to vote.

3. After a reasonable amount of given time, voting will end. If the request has at least 8 supportive votes* and more supportive votes than opposing votes, it is qualified for admin voting. If not, the request is denied.

4. If the request is qualified, the admins will have to vote. They will submit their votes via the administrative board on the forums, or anonymously amongst themselves. The request needs a simple majority of the voting admins** to be approved.

5. If the majority of the voting admins and community staff support the candidate, an admin/bureaucrat will promote the user to a staff member.

Support a User by leaving a signature and a reason why you support, and the same for not supporting. Non-constructive posts will be removed.

Staff members are decided through a person's contributions and their activity on the Wiki. Before requesting a staff position, take a look at where your edits lie (we prefer that Staff members have at least 100 edits). This also applies to supporting or opposing to a user's request. If they are lacking constructive edits or their edits are within a different field than the one they're applying for, they obviously aren't cut out for the job.

IPs are not allowed to edit this section.

How to vote

To vote, simply place one of the four voting templates below the request, along with any existing votes. The voting templates to choose from are "Support", "Oppose", "Neutral", and "Comment". After placing the template, explain why you cast that specific vote. Provide valid reasoning; don't support a user simply because they are your friend or oppose a user because you don't like them. Provide solid and clear reasoning. Keep in mind that you are not only voting on the request, but also trying to persuade the admins to support or oppose the submission. Follow your reasoning with your signature.

Voting templates

Code Produces
{{support}} Symbol support vote.svg Support
{{oppose}} Symbol oppose vote.svg Oppose
{{neutral}} Symbol neutral vote.svg Neutral
{{comment}} Pictogram voting comment.svg Comment



RollBacks are users who are always on the lookout for spelling errors, coding errors, useless information, run-on sentences, etc.

Position: Open

Discussions Moderator

Discussion Moderators regulate and monitor the discussions feature on the Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure Wiki.

Position: Open

Chat Moderator

Chat Moderators Monitor and regulate the Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure Wiki’s Chat Feature And Monitor any ongoing chatrooms.

Content Moderator

Content Moderators Monitor the Wiki’s Content and regulates Pages to follow under guidelines.

Position: Open


Administrators are trusted users who are generally chosen by the community to help run and patrol the wiki in case of vandalism, spam, or any other non content.

Position: Close

Requirements for the Request Page

Requirement Description
So that the request is not declined you will have to take into account the following:
What is your username? Add your Username.
How many edits have you made on that wiki? Add a your edits.
How many days/months have you been editing here? Add the days or months what have on the wiki.
Because I want this right Add a summary of why you want to have that position.
Add your signature at the end.