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The Tangled: The Series - Season Two Soundtrack features a listing of tracks from Season 2 in the series, Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure. This soundtrack features 13 songs (one reprised) that will be released globally on April 12, 2019.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Next Stop, Anywhere"   3:32
2. "If I Could Take That Moment Back"   2:02
3. "Next Stop, Anywhere (Reprise)"   3:21
4. "View From Up Here"   2:08
5. "Hook Foot's Ballad"   1:00
6. "Buddy"   2:43
7. "Waiting in the Wings"   2:55
8. "Livin' the Dream"   2:27
9. "With You by My Side"   2:25
10. "Everything I Ever Thought I Knew"   2:39
11. "Rocks Point the Way"    
12. "Escape and Destruction"    
13. "Onward to the Dark Kingdom"    


  • "If I Could Take That Moment Back" is misspelt as "If I Could Take This Moment Back" on all versions of the soundtrack.