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The Sunflower Vault was where the now powerless Sundrop Flower resided after King Frederic had utilized its strong healing ability to save his beloved wife and soon-to-be born daughter, thinking that it still possessed its powerful magics of light and life.


Season One

Season Three


  • Its function was somewhat similar to that of the Moonstone Chamber. The only difference was that the ancient, powerful artifact it protected for many years was entirely useless, due to all of its heavenly powers of goodness and light had transferred to the Princess' unnaturally long blonde hair.

About the Sundrop Vault

  • "He also asked about the magical Sundrop Flower, which the King has been hiding in the vault ever since he used it on the Queen."
  • "We need to get inside the vault and get the Sundrop Flower!!"
  • "It's right here. The Vault."
  • "It's just sitting here rotting anyway!!"