"Stronger than Ever Before" is sung in "Rapunzel's Return" after Quirin is released from his amber prison; it prominently features the brand-new outfits of Princess Rapunzel, Eugene, and Varian.


Princess Rapunzel: We've done a lot

Faced who knows what

Still though, we're not quite through it

We have so much to do yet

More than a thing or two yet

There's wounds we must heal

Plans to make real

Watch us and we'll do wonders

Sure we might make some blunders

We'll face them all head on!

We'll rise hand in hand and rebuild this land!

We're ready to stand and roar!

Will we give up?

No, never!

We're stronger than ever before!

Eugene: We've made mistakes

Lance: Had some bad breaks

Both: That only makes us tougher

Lance: Now when the road gets rougher

Eugene: Frankly! We'll barely suffer

Rapunzel: 'Cause though we've been burned!

What have we learned?

Lance and Eugene: Victory is earned, not given

Rapunzel: We shape the world we live in

Lance and Eugene: We're what we'll build upon

All: The war may be won,

But still we're not done

We've only begun to soar!

Princess Rapunzel: Bolder

Eugene: And far, more clever!

Both: And stronger than ever before!

Corona Citizens: There's miles yet to go

How far we don't know!

But we can do so much more!

Princess Rapunzel: Onto the next endeavor!

Corona Citizens: We're stronger than ever

Princess Rapunzel: We'll never say never

All: We're stronger than ever before!


Rapunzel's disguise as Miss Misty is shown next to Monty during the song.

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