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Shorty is one of the thugs from Disney's CGI Tangled film, and a supporting character in the animated series' first season. He is a main character in the second and third seasons, as he accompanied Princess Rapunzel on her epic journey throughout the outside world.



He is first seen during the song I've Got a Dream. Right after the song, he spots Mother Gothel who is spying on Rapunzel with the thugs. He begins to flirt with her until she puts a knife to his nose and demands to know where the secret tunnel in which Rapunzel and Flynn escaped through leads. Later on, he and the other thugs break Flynn out of prison. After the doors shut, he opens one of the windows and asks the guards "What's the password?" and won't open the door until they get the password correct. Shorty is last seen being floated up into the sky by lanterns during the kingdom's celebration commemorating Rapunzel's return.

Tangled: Before Ever After

Shorty is seen in Corona Castle during Eugene's verse of Life After Happily Ever After. He, along with most of the main thugs, appear to have become Eugene's closest companions outside of Rapunzel and Maximus.


Season One

Season Two

Season Three


  • It was shown in Max's Enemy that Shorty's mother's name was Oat Bag when Attila read the bag on Axel that said oat bag (which he pronounced Oh-at Bag,) which he thought was Axel's name. Then Shorty cried " Oat bag?! Oat Bag was my mother's name! " (He pronounced it Oh-at Bag.)
  • In The Forest of No Return it is revealed that Shorty had an uncle named Murt who was a scary tree.
  • In Goodbye and Goodwill, Shorty claims that he was once a Sneeze weasel, after Eugene questions how Shorty knew so much about Sneeze Weasels.
  • According to the evil spirit Tromulus, he is quite ancient.
  • He apparently can understand Ulf.


Season One

  • "Happy Day of Hearts, Milady."
  • "I got this."

Season Two

  • "Why so glum, Chum?"
  • "My clean clothes!!"
  • "Not with that attitude I didn't."

Season Three

  • "Well, we could always fly off in that balloon over there."
  • "