The Shapeshifting Cloak is a very powerful and useful attire infused with strong magical properties, enabling its wearer to transform into anything he or she desires, even replicating his or her voice.

Those impersonated

Cassandra is wearing it when she sees Calliope at the Spire again when she disguise herself as The Keeper.



  • It is similar to Polyjuice Potion from the Harry Potter book series, except that the latter is not supposed to be used for animal transformations.
  • When a gopher tugs the cloak, Cassandra also shapeshifts into Rapunzel's dad wearing a handmaiden dress. Cassandra also impersonated Adira and Eugene.
  • When the gopher removes the cloak off Cassandra, the gopher shapeshifts into Vigor, Fidella and Little Big Guy

About the Shapeshifting Cloak

  • "Huh, that's weird. The Shapeshifting Cloak of Retudnus is missing."
  • "Oh, There's the Cloak!"
  • "I love this cloak."
  • "Does it matter where I took the cloak from?"
  • "Ugh, fine I took it from the spire."
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