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"Secret of the Sun Drop" is the twenty-first episode in Season 1 of Tangled: The Series and the twenty-first overall. It was the one-hour season finale, and it first aired on January 13, 2018.


Rapunzel and the King must put aside their differences to work together to rescue the Queen.

Rapunzel faces her biggest threat yet, when Varian, desperate to save his father, takes the queen prisoner.


My hair grew back...well not completely!
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  • This was the third special episode of Tangled: The Series.
  • The episode featured two new original songs.
  • This was the second episode to not feature the closing theme, "More of Me", with the first being Queen for a Day.
  • There is a movie mistake when the automaton breaks the banner, there are banner pieces on the ground, but they disappear in the next scene showing the floor.
  • In one scene there is a dress that has a resemblance to that of Belle from 'Beauty and the Beast'.
  • When Eugene mentions that he is come to rescue Rapunzel from a tower again it is an Omage to the movie only this time he is not stabbed by Gothel.


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