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Season 2 of Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure was officially announced on February 15, 2017.[2][3][4]

The season premiered June 24, 2018, along with a new title for the show.[1][5]

The season concluded on April 14, 2019 with "Destinies Collide, Part 2" ending with Cassandra's sudden double-cross and becoming the earthly host of the Moonstone/Moondrop Opal in contrast to Princess Rapunzel being human host to the once heavenly Sunflower/Sundrop Flower.


Princess Rapunzel and her crew follow the black rocks outside Corona. Accompanying the barefoot princess on her journey is her partner in life, Eugene; her best friend and confidante, Cassandra; her loyal chameleon sidekick, Pascal; no-nonsense and dutiful horse, Maximus; Eugene’s childhood best friend, Lance and the Snuggly Duckling Pub Thugs.

Together, they will discover new people and places and embark on an incredible new adventure far beyond Corona’s walls.

Episodes 26-48

  1. Beyond the Walls of Corona
  2. The Return of Quaid
  3. Goodbye and Goodwill
  4. Forest of No Return
  5. Freebird
  6. Vigor the Visionary
  7. Keeper of the Spire
  8. King Pascal
  9. There's Something About Hook Foot
  10. Happiness Is...
  11. Peril on the High Seas
  12. Curses!
  13. The Eye of Pincosta
  14. Rapunzel and the Great Tree, Part 1
  15. Rapunzel and the Great Tree, Part 2
  16. The Brothers Hook
  17. Rapunzel: Day One
  18. Mirror, Mirror
  19. You're Kidding Me!
  20. Rapunzeltopia
  21. Lost and Found
  22. Destinies Collide, Part 1
  23. Destinies Collide, Part 2






Kingdoms and Realms


The Dark Kingdom

Additional Places



  • Healing Incantation ("Rapunzel and the Great Tree, Part 1"; first two lines read from the Demanitus Scroll)
  • Decay Incantation ("Rapunzel and the Great Tree, Part 2"; first half cast by Princess Rapunzel)



Magical Objects of Supreme Power

Magical Artifacts


  • DisneyPlus made "Rapunzel and the Great Tree" and finale a 44-minute two-part episode, giving this season a total of about twenty-three episodes.
  • The season was ordered before the series officially premiered.[6]
  • Scenes where Princess Rapunzel walks on stone to reach and touch the Moonstone, is reminiscent of a scene from Disney's Atlantis when Princess Kida had walked on to become one with the ancient mystical Heart of Atlantis itself, like her deceased mother had.


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