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Ruth was a restless ghost/spirit/soul who appears in an episode bearing her codename.

She was the original owner of The Snuggly Duckling who had barbaric reputation, but has a secret talent for writing and singing songs.



According to the pub thugs, Ruthless Ruth was one of the meanest thugs who ever lived. The people of Corona lived in fear of her and she would go on terrible rampages through the streets of the kingdom. She owned a spiked club which used to intimidate her customers and destroy anything in her path. The crosses carved in her club were believed to be the number of destruction she made. Little did everyone know that she secretly had a passion for writing and singing songs to be heard, and the crosses on her club were actually musical notes. However, she was afraid of sharing her music to others, that no one would want to hear her songs. Even in death, she suffered through doubt and fear until one day someone would sing her song and free her spirit to the afterlife.

Her song, carved into her club, would not be heard until her slumber was disturbed by the Captain of the Guard. Only Rapunzel was able to figure out why Ruth's spirit came back to haunt the pub. With her help, Ruth was able to finally sing in front of others and encouraged them to sing along, allowing her spirit to be released into the afterlife.