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The Decay Incantation is a very powerful destructive and deadly spell of the darkest arts courtesy of the all-powerful Moonstone Opal; as such it is the complete opposite of the mystical healing incantation of the Sundrop Flower, now embodied in Princess Rapunzel's regrown seventy-feet long magical blonde hair.

It has the exact same melody as the Sundrop Flower's heavenly power of healing and life, but the words are entirely different and unleash decay and death to those around it; people, animals and plants alike.

As part of the Moonstone's power was transferred to her when she first touched its black stones, Rapunzel is currently capable of using it, though it seems to overpower the Sundrop, turning her seventy-feet long hair from blonde to black, and her eyes from green to black.

Abilities and Effects

The opposing heavenly object that counters the Sundrop Flower is the Moonstone Opal; an immensely powerful stone containing vast amounts of destructive and deadly power. Millennium ago, it had originated from a single drop of pure moonlight when certain events had severed an ancient and great power in two.

As such, the Moonstone's deathly powers are activated through a decaying incantation, which causes death and destruction to those around one who recites even the first half:

Wither and decay

End this destiny

Break these earthly chains

And set the spirit free

The spirit free

For some unexplained reason, the last five lines that unleashes its full deathly, destructive powers were never revealed.

Episodes when Used

Season Two

Season Three


  • The second piece of the Demanitus Scroll is where it is written
  • Unlike the Hope Incantation, it was not cast in full when it was first introduced
  • Even though Varian had eventually learned it from researching the Scroll, Cassandra did not force him to reveal its full potential to her, as she did with the Moonstone's spell to fully control the black moon rocks. Nor did Zhan Tiri unleash its full deathly powers onto Corona, which she had planned to destroy for millennia.
  • This is the second time that Lance, Eugene, Maximus, Fidella and Adira have been hurt by the Decay Incantation after Rapunzel and the Great Tree.
    • This is the only episode Varian, Ruddiger, Quirin, Kiera, Catalina, Pete, Stan, Ulf, Attila, Milton the Goat, Big Nose, Vladimir, King Frederic, Queen Arianna, Feldspar, Monty, Old Lady Crowley, Xavier, King Edmund, Hamuel, Domino, Hector and his pets are hurt by the Decay Incantation.

About the Decay Incantation

Season Two

  • "It's another incantation!"
  • "No, not the Sundrop. The Moonstone."
  • "The Sundrop's power was to heal. What's the Moonstone's?"
  • "For some sick reason, you wanted Rapunzel to find that incantation and read it!!"
  • "You can't do that incantation again!!"
  • "I can't...I can't control it!!"
  • (to herself) "She told me not to use the decay spell. But I had no choice."
  • "And I could have stopped the Tree, even without the decay spell, if you had just trusted me!!"

Season Three

  • "Once I start this incantation, I won't be able to stop it. And it could seriously harm you and your father, so I'm trusting you to snap me out of it once your father is free."
  • "This is the healing incantation, this is the decay incantation..."