Say, ain't you the Stabbingtons? I can't believe these two losers had the guts to

show their faces in a place like this.

Look at these dunderheads back from being beat by Flint- sorry,Eugene Fitzherbert, again.

Eugene had a lot of help from that princess and her pet frog.

No one's ever gonna take us seriously, as long as that maggot is alive.

This ends now.

Whoa, whoaaaaa!


Ugh! Nice save, but she's really gotta work on that landing.

Oh hello son...


What are you doing here?

I know, Hamuel let me tell him. After our rather unfortunate run-in with the

family recently. I wanted to ensure you've got this. It's a priceless heirloom, that has been passed down for generations.

Oh, pretty!

It's our family sash.

Oh fantastic! That's fantastic. This will go so great with my chain mail dinner jacket. So thanks for stopping by and making everything awkward as usual. Bye now.

Oh. I suppose I should leave. Although I'm actually hoping they invite me to stay.


Yeah, no. He says what he thinks a lot.

Your majesty, you have come such a long way. Why not just stay for the night?

Oh no, I really shouldn't.

Yeah, no. He really shouldn't.

I insist.

Well! Who is this old pile of bones to argue with a princess?

Oh, brother.

Thinking about your dad?

Alright, first of all, he's not my dad, okay? He is a strange man, who can't keep his thoughts to himself. Second, he abandoned me as a child and he didn't even try to stay in touch with me. And

then this.

Edmund's only company is a crow, who could get lost in a boot. He's only... come on you might even get to like him.

And shorty could sprout wings and lay an egg, but hey you never know.

I'm sorry, is that my boot?

Froggy, I gotta say that was the most delightful breakfast. What do you say we head up to the room, for a quick food coma? And the best part of the food coma is that Edmund will be leaving... Good gravy, what happened?

Wait a minute, someone stole the sash! I've been ro- I've been robbed! So that's how that feels.

Somebody say robbed?

Don't touch a thing! This is a crime scene. Take it easy, guys. Who cares about that silly old sash?

Somebody stole, the sash?!

Woah, whoa! Stan and Pete are on it! They are perfectly capable of handling this.

Oh, I found a clue!

That's your own helmet. I told you not to take that off.

I will not leave Corona until our family's sash, is safely recovered.

Fine! I'll just give Stan and Pete a hand. It's the least I can do.

No clues to report.

This master thief covered his tracks well.

Oh, what's this?

Yeah, this is a ransom letter.

Oh, he's good.

This crook wants to exchange the sash for gold at Mount Saison

Whatever the price! No matter how far.. we must get it back!

Oh, no, no, no. I said I would help out, I did not say anything about taking a day-long trip.

Well then, I suppose I will make this journey on my , except Hamuel it shall be me, just me. No companion.

Okay, okay, why don't I just tag along?

Oh excellent!

You packed food, right?

Of course, I did Horace. A bounty unlike any you've ever had.

Whoa, whoa, Horace? Did you just call me, Horace?

Indeed. Horace is your given name. Did I not mention that before?

No, you didn't. How is it possible my real name is even worse than Eugene?!

Ha, ha, real funny. You know what? Never mind, let's just get on the road.

That's the spirit.

Making wishes?


Eugene taught me that one.

Go ahead, come one. Make a wish.

Princess! Somebody broke into my shop and tracked two sets of identical muddy footprints across my new rug.

I saw them! One of them had an eyepatch.

Double security. I want sentries posted on the bridge and patrols every hour.

Yes, princess.

The Stabbington are back in Corona.

Oh here, backup wishes.

Don't worry, princess! Those Stabbingtons are as good as- whoa!

Where is he? Where's Ryder?

Hey, aren't these the guys Eugene keeps beating?

Grrr, where is it?

We don't know.

Yes we do, he's headed to mount saison with his dad, to get back that priceless sash.

Heh, heh. Mount Saison, huh?

But, but you'll never catch him! Eugene's faster than the wind.

Oh, oh I got something, Horace!

For the 11th time, it's Eugene!

Now to find a target for our contest.

Thank you for your service, Hamuel we

have a target.

Edmund, you can just have the pudding.

Nonsense! We shall play this delightful game and revel in each other's company.

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, I bet that was a lucky shot.

Not even close to what I was thinking.

Let's try for two in a row. Hyah!

Now lucky for us, nothing is more dangerous than our cutting wits, eh Horace?

It's Eugene! You know what this is impossible.

If something is not impossible, it's not worth doing.

I mean, what is wrong- wait did you just say 'if something is not impossible, it's not

worth doing?'

Why yes, I did.

Flynn Ryder and the lost treasure of Scotia. One of my favorite books.

Me too! Until I lost it, I accidentally dropped it off a cliff. Hey do you remember when Ryder is on the

canoe, heading for the waterfall?

Yes! He leaps onto the rocks, but not before saving that treasure.

Oh, it was brilliant.

It's okay, I'm sure they're after Eugene. Good thing, he's out of town.

You didn't tell them about Mount Saison, did you?

Oh yeah...

You know what? I'll take it from here, guys. Come on, Fidella, we're bringing the Stabbingtons.

That was your fault! Nuh-uh, it was yours.

Ha, ha, ha. Oh, you remember when Ryder says 'the kingdom and I aren't exactly

simpatico at the moment?'

Yes and people think it's a kids book, adults everywhere appreciate the nuance of Flynn Ryder's adventures.

Quiet! I don't think we're alone.

Right again, Ryder.

Don't ask.

Edmund! Long-lost father, meet Stabbingtons lifelong nemeses.

Edmund claims he's my father, but you know I actually have more of a history with you

guys. So in a way this is kind of like a family gathering for me. Say, who wants some pudding?

I can tell he wants some pudding. He can tell a lot by looking into a man's eyes.

Ha, ha! En guarde.



Where'd you go?

Hello! Ha, didn't see that coming did ya? Whoa-a! Hey, how's your day going? Whoop, missed me.


Ha, ha! Alright alright, they're not gonna stay down for long. We'll need to buy more


I have an idea.

We gotcha! Ryder!

Edmund that was ingenious! Uh... gah ingenious!

Yeah, who knew this bag of lucky baubles would

come in so handy.

Ha, ha. The sash. Wait you stole this from my room. You had this the whole


Well yes. I did. It was I who wrote the ransom letter and sent us on this


This is an errand? We're stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no food, no weapons and two maniacs on our tail. But yeah lovely little errand.

This is I wanted to be part of your life, Horace. And I thought a father-and-son trip-

Might what, huh? Make up for 24 years and for the love of everything that is holy, my name is Eugene! You know what here's your sash. I'm heading back to town.

There was a fight here, a big one. A wind up toy and a yo-yo. We should have called it a hey-hey. Alright we're getting close, come on.

Hamuel, I've really bungled things with my son.

I'll give you a chance to make it up to him. Take us to Ryder, now!

I'm not foolish enough to help you.

Then I know somebody who will.

I cannot believe I fell for that nice guy act. What are you do- wait, I know that dagger. The Stabbington. Ugh! Dads are more trouble, than they're worth. Come on max, the old man needs us.

Hey, Domino, where is Edmund?

Right here, Sonny Boy. You want 'em? Come and get 'em!

Max, watch out!

The great Flynn Ryder is gone. Come on, now we have a sash and a king.

Things are looking up

I don't see any sign of them.

First he lies, then he gets me trapped in a cave. Definitely father of the Year contender

Eh, watch it. Would you quit bird? You're making a mess. Wait a minute, these are all things from when I was a kid. Ah-ha. My marked deck of cards, my two-headed coin and my loaded dice. Huh, this is my first hand mirror. He has been keeping tabs on me. Flynn Rider and the lost treasure of Scotia, my old book! You had it, I can't believe it.

Eugene, are you out here?

Rapunzel, I'm in here.



Ah! Thanks, Blondie.

All right that's it, no more miss Nice Princess. Just for the term. After we deal with these guys, I am

totally nice, again.

Wasn't worried, but thanks anywayyyyy!


Yup, still alive! You dropped a boulder on me and you missed. I mean who misses with the boulder, really?

Horace, you're alive! And you came to rescue me.

Well, what did you expect?

Nice try.

Yeah-ha-ha! Nice teamwork!

Guys, log jam, log jam, log jam!

Everybody, my love, pronto.

Oh, who am I kidding? They're like family, right?

Son, we cannot save these cretins in time, it's impossible.

If something's not impossible, it's not worth doing. Ha, ha, ha!

Ugh! The sash! Leave it Eugene-

You called me, Eugene.

You called me, Dad!

Guys, seriously?

Go, go, go, go, go!

Oh, ho, ho. Ah, ha, ha! This woman is amazing!

I know and she's getting so much better at her landings

You went out of your way to rescue us, again?

I guess my son believes in second chances.

I learned that from the best

Guys, check this out! Isn't he, great?

Eh, hey-hey guys, I invented a move. I call this one stroll with a blood hound.

Ah blondie, they already invented that move actually. It's.. you know what never mind.


Edmund! Ooh! Uhhhhh we were reminiscing. Ah, ha, ha. Not playing like adults do, with my old toys.

I decided we didn't need that old stash, anyway. Xavier and I made you a new one.

White and gold, just like the Flynn Rider book.

It's one of my favorites you know

Ugh. Just focus. Ugh, focus. Ugh, I can't.


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