Ready As I'll Ever Be is a song that Rapunzel, Cassandra, Eugene, King Frederic, and Varian sing during the season 1 finale, Secret of the Sun Drop.

This is featured on the Tangled: The Series Season 1 Soundtrack.


Varian: Any moment now, Your Highness.

Believe me, I know
I've sunk pretty low
But whatever I've done, you've deserved
Arianna: Varian...
Varian: Quiet!
I'm the bad guy, that's fine
It's no fault of mine
And some justice at last will be served
Arianna: Please, listen!

Varian: Now it's time to step up
Or it's time to back down
And there's only one answer for me
And I'll stand up and fight
'Cause I know that I'm right
And I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready
Ready as I'll ever be

Eugene: Cap, are you sure you're up for this?
Captain: Actually, I don't think I am. I'll only slow you down.
Eugene: But how are you gonna lead the assault?
Captain: I'm not. She is.

Cassandra: Now it's time to rise up
Or it's time to stand down
And the answer is easy to see
And I swear by the sword
If you're in, get on board
Are you ready?
I'm ready
Pete & Stan:
We're ready
We're ready
Ready as I'll ever be

Rapunzel: There you are!
Frederic: Yes, yes. I just had to make a stop in the kitchen. I'm told you're pretty handy with one of these.
Rapunzel: Heehee... I sure am.

Are you quite sure we can do this?
Together we will, guarantee...

I'll make them hear me
Crowd: Now it's time to repeat
Or it's time to resolve
Prove they can trust me
And the outcome will hardly come free
I'll save my home and family

Now the line's in the sand
And our moment's at hand
And I'm ready
I'm ready
Rapunzel & Frederic:
I'm ready

Ready as I'll ever be...


  • This is the first music video to have Black Rocks. The other six music videos to have Black Rocks are Next Stop, Anywhere, Waiting in the Wings, With You by My Side, Everything I Ever Thought I Knew, Crossing the Line and Nothing Left to Lose.
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