(Lance and Shorty are seen walking through the forest looking for Rapunzel)

Lance: Ok Shorty, Keep your eyes peel!

(As Shorty is looking around, Rapunzel's hair appears out of the tree, grabbed him and pulled him up, causing Lance to turn around)

Lance: Shorty? Shorty?

(Just then Lance heard a noise from the trees)

Lance: (High-Pitch) Shorty!?

(In Lance's view he sees the trees moving, terrifying him causing him to move backward, then a close up of his foot when he accidently set off a trap, looking down he notice that it was a vine, which was next to a stick, that was holding a small rock, which release a small stone, rolling down a up tube, hitting a domino of tiny stones, which made Lance look confuse as the stone then ended with a domino of sticks, with one made to look like homemade axe, cutting another vine, this time releasing an egg from it's nest and passing Lance and hit a bigger rock and caused another domino effect, this time with more rocks, which hit a log, causing it to roll down and hit another vine, revealed a giant hallow log. Causing Lance to run away, only for him to trapped inside the log.)

Lance: (High-Pitch) AHHH!

(As Lance's eyes are close after being in ensnarled in the trap, the background showed a giant spiderweb appearing out of nowhere when suddenly a shadow figure appears, looking like a giant spider. As Lance face the creature, it landed and the light revealed it to be Rapunzel with a homemade headdress and using sticks as claws. Upon showing herself Rapunzel gives Lance a horrible scream, causing him to scream back)







(After a few seconds Lance, still trapped in the log started to run and scream as Rapunzel also started to chase and scream, only to stop and give a smirk as she sees Lance still running away from her.)

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