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Quirin is a recurring character of Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure. Quirin is the leader of Old Corona, a village located in Corona and is the father of Varian.


Physical Appearance

Quirin is a middle-aged man with brown eyes wearing dark red and brown village clothing. He has a mark on the back of his hand, a circle with three lines close to the center and near the left side edge of it.



Twenty-five years prior to the setting of the series, Quirin was involved in a situation involving a mysterious glowing opal. He tells his master King Edmund that it cannot be destroyed. However, King Edmund touches the opal (despite the warnings) and it sends forth a blast knocking him, Quirin, and Adira to the ground. Even though no one is hurt from the explosion, King Edmund realizes that Quirin and Adira can't stay in the kingdom, so he tells them to leave and to let no one else find the opal due to its dangerous potential. Quirin and Adira follow his orders and depart.

Season 1

Quirin is a close friend to Corona's king, Frederic. He also worries for his son, as most of his inventions lead to trouble, sometimes life-threatening, despite being well-meaning intentions. As the number of the black rocks continued to grow to the point of destroying his village, he promised the villagers that he would alert the King of the predicament. Varian went with him to Corona and saw his father lying about the state of their village, causing him to believe that Quirin was running away from their problem. Quirin saw this and once again told Varian to stay away from the rocks and to refrain from interacting with them; in which Varian disobeyed. Before Quirin caught Varian in the act, he took a quiet look through a hidden trunk that contained items from his secret past, as well as taking a look at the family portrait of him, his wife, and baby Varian.

When Quirin, along with a letter that he had written to his son, had been sealed in the amber created by Varian's alchemical solution, Varian, embittered by Rapunzel's decision to save Corona rather than Quirin, made it his mission to save him, no matter who or what got in his way.

After receiving a later from Varian in "The Quest for Varian," Rapunzel sees what has happened to Quirin and begins to blame herself for not being able to help him when Varian first asked for her help to save him. In "The Alchemist Returns," Varian steals the magic golden flower from Corona Castle and puts it on a large drill in an attempt to free Quirin from the amber. When this fails, Varian comes to the conclusion that the flower's magic is now within Rapunzel.

In "Secret of the Sun Drop," it is revealed in a flashback that on the night of Rapunzel's birth, prior to Frederic's acquisition of the Sun Drop Flower, Quirin had warned the King against removing the flower, as it would have unimaginable consequences. In the present, Varian uses Rapunzel's hair as the tip of his drill in a second attempt to free his father, only for it to fail once more. After Varian's defeat, Frederic vows to find a way to free Quirin and help his son.

Season 2

In the prologue of "Beyond the Corona Walls," it is revealed that Quirin once served King Edmund alongside his associate, Adira. After the black rocks ravaged their kingdom, rendering it uninhabitable, both Quirin and Adira were ordered to leave and keep anyone from finding the opal responsible for the devastation.

In "Rapunzel and the Great Tree," it's revealed that Quirin and Adira served under King Edmund as part of a small group called the Brotherhood, consisting of his most trusted and skilled warriors. In the past, shortly after King Edmund's failed attempt to destroy the Moonstone, Quirin and Adira discussed the situation as the king became bedridden. Quirin agreed that the Moonstone must be kept a secret and reminded her that it was their duty to guard that secret and up hold King Edmund's dying wish. Adira disagrees and believes the solution is to locate the Sun Drop to neutralize the opal's power. However, their discussion is interrupted by Hector, a fellow member of the Brotherhood, who strongly disagrees with Adira and believes the Sun Drop to be nothing more than an urbane myth. Hector proceeds to threaten Adira if she chooses to seek out the Sun Drop, warning her if they meet again, friend or foe, he will end her life. In the present day, when Adira reveals the Brotherhood's existence to Rapunzel and her friends, she confesses Quirin is a member.

In "Destinies Collide," a flashback shows the Dark Kingdom being evacuated since the kingdom is no longer safe or inhabitable. King Edmund orders everyone to leave and never return. Quirin and a young servant woman remain at King Edmund's side, but question if he is sure about his decision. King Edmund remains firm that everyone must leave. Quirin proceeds to witness the servant woman retrieve King Edmund's infant son who will also be sent far away from the Dark Kingdom to be kept safe. Afterwards, Quirin, Adira, and Hector are later seen leaving the Dark Kingdom and go their separate ways to ensure the Moonstone continues to remain a secret from the rest of the world while King Edmund remains behind to continue his family legacy to protect the opal.

Season 3

In Rapunzel's Return, Quirin was mentioned a few times and had a chemical named Quirinium after him by Varian. At the near end of the episode, he was finally free from the amber when Rapunzel used the Moonstone Incantation. Following Varian's success in stirring Rapunzel from her trance, he proceeded to embrace his father. As Varian inquired about Quirin's letter, which had disintegrated, he just smiled and said that he is proud of Varian and always has. He and Varian joined the others in celebrating Corona's liberation afterward.

In "Be Very Afraid," Varian has a nightmare about Quirin being resealed in the amber while the angry people of Corona tell Varian that it is his fault as he tried to reach for Quirin's stretched out hand, until Varian wakes up from his dream. Afterwards, Varian goes outside to find Quirin safe, free and happy as he wishes his son a good morning while pushing a cart. With the nightmare still fresh in Varian's mind, the new red rocks causes Varian to see terrifying visions of Quirin calling out to his son for help, while the amber is once again re-casing him in it. After Rapunzel and Varian defeat the red rocks, Quirin is seen standing beside Varian as the people that were mean to him earlier thanking his son for saving the day; which makes Quirin proud to be Varian's father.

Once Cassandra got her hands on a magical stone in "Race to the Spire," she uses its power and connection to the Brotherhood in order to control the minds of its members, like Quirin. As his eyes and the mark on his hand glowed blue after Cass awakened the Mind-Trap's mind-controlling magic, and from the way Quirin smiled sinisterly after Varian says hello to him, without noticing anything different about him, it's unknown if Cassandra's corruption has been passed onto him since he defected from the Brotherhood many years ago.

In "Once a Handmaiden...," Quirin meets with his son and King Edmund after Cassandra destroys the castle with her black rocks and takes over the kingdom, being there for Rapunzel when she awakens.

In "Plus Est En Vous," he joined Rapunzel, her friends, his son, and the people of Corona on storming the castle to take down Cassandra and defeat Zhan Tiri with a portal Lord Demanitus used once. He even put on his old armor from his days as a knight of the Dark Kingdom. Eugene noticed the brotherhood mark on Quirin's hand and was worried that he was as brainwashed as Adira and Hector. But when he talked to Varian about it, Varian refused to believe that his father might turn on him and the others. But Eugene was proven right when Quirin, under Cassandra's control, tried to turn on the portal to suck everyone inside. But as he attempted to pull the lever, a stun mechanism in his helmet was triggered in time to stop him.

When he was unconscious, Varian revealed that he thought about what Eugene said and decided to take precautions. However, when Eugene and his father left to check on Rapunzel, Hamuel accidentally activated the portal and everyone except Quirin got transported to the Lost Realm. Then Hector's pets removed the helmet from Quirin, waking him up. He fought Eugene and King Edmund along with his old teammates. When Edmund destroyed the Mind Trap, Quirin snapped out of Cassandra's control and freed his son and everyone else from the Lost Realm. Once Zhan Tiri was destroyed and peace was restored to Corona, he worked alongside with Varian to provide the kingdom with hot running water, a goal which Varian had tried to accomplished in "What the Hair?!


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • The mark on his hand is the emblem and symbol of the Dark Kingdom, his homeland, and is also seen on the lid of a hidden chest and on a helmet.
  • Quirin is the third character to wear goggles temporarily while helping Varian. The others, who each wore them in one episode of the third season, were Ruddiger in "Cassandra's Revenge" and Eugene in "Once a Handmaiden..."
    • Plus, he and King Edmund are two of the two members of the Brotherhood to have a son and an unnamed wife.
  • It is unknown what happened to his wife even though she is shown inside a picture frame alongside him and Varian in Queen for a Day.


Twenty-Five Years Ago

  • "Your Majesty, you're not thinking clearly! You know the stone cannot be destroyed!"
  • "The stone and its destructive power must be kept from the world. It is the Brotherhood's duty to keep that secret. It is King Edmund's dying wish."
  • "Your Majesty."

Season 1

  • "Varian!? Varian!?"
  • "Not again, Varian."
  • "Children have no place in court."
  • I know, Varian, but there is more to them than you can possibly imagine.
  • " I just want to - Oh! Oh! Varian, I told you to stay away from those rocks!
  • I am sorry, son.
  • You are not ready.
  • "Varian, watch out!"
  • "No! Stay back!"
  • "Don't."

Season 3

  • " Oh, Son."
  • "All it said was, I'm so proud of you, Varian. I always have been."
  • "I love you, too, Son."
  • "Morning, Son."
  • "I never thought I'd have to wear this again. But now that I must, I am proud to have my son fighting alongside me."
  • "For Cassandra!"


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