The Queen of the Dark Kingdom was the lover and wife of King Edmund and the birth mother of Eugene Fitzherbert. She is never actually in the series, only seen and mentioned in the season 2 finale, having perished twenty-five years prior at the immeasurable power of the ancient and all-powerful Moonstone. Fortunately, she was able to deliver her only child; a son.

She debuted only in a royal portrait in the Season 2 finale, "Destinies Collide", her tragic demise having occurred twenty-five years earlier.


  • Her first name and history is currently unknown
  • Like Queen Arianna, she had brown hair and a dark purple gown

About the Queen

  • "Not everyone was so fortunate. Your mother..."
  • "The last time someone tried to destroy the Moonstone, I lost my mother."
  • As her husband was called "the Dark King" it is only fitting that she was "the Dark Queen"
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