Pub thugs

Pub Thugs

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When Rapunzel and Flynn Rider arrive at the Snuggly Duckling, a seedy pub filled with thugs, the thugs recognize Flynn from the poster and plan to turn him in, but Rapunzel confronts the men stating that she needs Flynn to complete her dream of seeing the lights. The thugs decide to help her, as they also have unfinished dreams. When the guards arrive, Hookhand helps Rapunzel and Flynn by showing them a secret passage way until Maximus discovers it. Later in the film, Maximus rounds up Hookhand, Vladamir, Atilla, Ulf and Shorty to help Eugene escape from death row to save Rapunzel and they succeed. At the end of the film, Hookhand gets his dream come true and becomes a concert pianist, Big Nose finally gets a girlfriend, Ulf is very happy as Eugene narrates, and Shorty is seen at the end of the movie being lifted up by lanterns in his cupid outfit puckering his lips.

Tangled Ever After Edit

So far, Hookhand, Big Nose, Vladamir, Shorty, Atila and Ulf have been seen on the promotional poster and will have a role in the short.

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Disney On Ice: Dare to Dream Edit

The thugs appear in the Tangled segment singing I've Got a Dream to Rapunzel when she visits their pub like in the film.

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