Princess Rapunzel's Satchel is a blue-green shoulder-bag Rapunzel uses to carry items around with her, in the Tangled TV series. In the second season, Rapunzel has decorated her bag, similar to her maternal aunt's bag.

It is revealed to have been given to her by Cassandra, in the six months when Rapunzel had her brown hair after her release from Gothel; Cassandra's biological mother.


Season One

Season Two

Season Three


About Princess Rapunzel's Satchel

Two Years Ago

  • "This is so thoughtful! I can put all kinds of things in here; books and paints..."

Season Three

  • "It's in her bag."
  • "I have no idea how that got in my bag!!"
  • "The one mirror that showed that Mother- my mother- had a shred off affection for me, and it happens to wind up in your bag!!"
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