"Plus Est En Vous" is te final episode of Season 3 and the series finale of Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure.

It premiered on March 1, 2020 from 7:00 to 8:06 am.


Princess Rapunzel and her friends must take Corona back from Cassandra, and finally confront the evil shapeshitfing sorceress Zhan Tiri once and for all.

Final Appearances ofCharacters



  • Andrew (Cameo)
  • Kai (Cameo)
  • Juniper (Cameo)
  • Maisie (Cameo)
  • Clementine (Cameo)
  • Malice Marauder (Cameo)
  • Ferry Captain ( Cameo)
  • Fernanda Pizazzo (Cameo)
  • Doctor St. Croix (Cameo)
  • Stalyan (Cameo)
  • Brock Thunderstrike (Cameo)
  • Willow (Cameo)
  • King Trevor (Cameo)
  • Trevor Jr. (Cameo)
  • Lucille (Cameo)
  • Stabbington Brothers (Cameo)
  • Hook Hand (Cameo)
  • Hook Foot (Cameo)
  • Seraphina (Cameo)
  • Lorbs (Cameo)
  • Calliope (Cameo)
  • The Keeper (Cameo)
  • Lady Caine (Cameo)
  • Pocket (Cameo)
  • Otter (Cameo)
  • Dwayne (Cameo)
  • Bandana (Cameo)
  • Skull Ruffian (Cameo)
  • Axel (cameo)
  • Minstrel (Cameo)
  • Madam Canardist (Cameo)
  • Vigor (cameo)
  • Captain Quaid (Cameo)
  • Vex (Cameo)
  • Nigel (Cameo)
  • Friedborg (Cameo)
  • Faith (cameo)
  • Hazel (cameo)
  • Constable Lumph (Cameo)
  • Virtuous St. Goodberry (Cameo)
  • Orange-Haired Sisters (Cameo)
  • Young Boys (Cameo)

Final Appearances and Uses of Elements




Objects of Immense Power



  • The title is French for "More in You" which is what Queen Arianna had written in the journal she had given to her long-lost teenage daughter as an early coronation gift that translated to "There's More in You".
  • This episode revealed unanswered questions that relate to Ever After such as why Cassandra wasn't at the wedding.
  • This is the second time Princess Rapunzel cries when she enters Cassandra's room. The first time Rapunzel cries after she enters Cassandra's room was when she was betrayed by Cassandra.
  • The way Varian hugs Quirin after Varian returned to the castle with the others that were sent to the Lost Dimension by Hamuel is similar to the way Princess Rapunzel hugs King Frederic in the two-part Season 3 premiere.
  • This is the second time that Eugene has been to Cassandra's Stronghold. The first time Eugene has been to the stronghold was Cassandra's Revenge when he, Rapunzel, Pascal, Lance, Kiera, Catalina and Maximus had to rescue Varian and retrieve the scroll from Cassandra after Varian was abducted and the scroll was stolen by Cassandra.
  • This is the second time Lance messes with an invention. The first time was Flynnpostor when he poured the whole bucket of Flynnoelum into Varian's Rooster invention instead of using the syringe.
  • Stalyan has now found a boyfriend: Brock Thunderstrike.
  • This is the only episode Varian, Kiera and Catalina agree with each other when they don't want Lance to mess with the button that switches the minds of people and primates.
  • This is also the only episode that both Varian and Eugene are mad with Lance for switching the mind of the former with a monkey.
  • This is the third and final time that Catalina turned to werewolf. The first two times that she turned into a werewolf are Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf? and Be Very Afraid.
  • The way Eugene says oh no in this episode is similar to the way when Eugene said oh no when he saw Catalina is going to transform into a werewolf in Be Very Afraid.
  • After Quirin was stunned when Varian rigged his dad's helmet with a temporary defense mechanism, Varian is worried about his dad like in Queen for a Day.
  • This is the second time that Varian is warning Lance about touching an invention. The first time was Flynnpostor when Varian warned Lance, Kiera and Catalina about touching anything when he is going to bring the fuses for the invention.
  • This is the final episode that Varian and Eugene call themselves Team Awesome.
  • Cassandra made a reference to the earlier time when Varian's Project Obsidian accidentally encased her inside the amber due to it being activated by Zhan Tiri.

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