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"Plus Est En Vous" is the series finale of Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure. It premiered on March 1, 2020 and it is collectively the nineteenth, the twentieth, and the twenty-first episodes of season three as well as it is the sixty-sixth, the sixty-seventh and the sixty-eighth episodes of the series overall.

DisneyPlus has split this series finale as a special three-part episode.


Princess Rapunzel and her friends must take Corona back from Cassandra, and finally confront the evil shapeshitfing sorceress Zhan Tiri once and for all.


Princess Rapunzel rallies all of Corona together to take back the kingdom. Varian learns that Lord Demanitus made a machine that trapped Zhan Tiri in another world and Rapunzel, Eugene, Pascal, Varian, Lance, Angry and Red and Maximus venture to Demanitus' tomb to get the plans. After a mishap with Lance fiddling with a mind-switcher device Demanitus had inside the tomb, they obtain the blueprints and realize that they have to build the machine close to Zhan Tiri and the Coronans proceed to storm the castle. A reluctant Princess Rapunzel faces off with Cassandra, but with the impending eclipse, Rapunzel's strength begin to wane, but she stands guard and the Corona crest on her dress transforms into the heavenly bright yellow Sunstone, which draws in even more strength from her blonde hair.

Meanwhile, the Coronans successfully build the machine, but Hamuel accidentally activates it, sucking everyone, except Eugene and King Edmund in. Prior to the fight, Cassandra briefly imprisons Zhan Tiri in a moon rock cage, who escapes after a flashback of her banishment to the Lost Realm by Lord Demanitus himself.

Meanwhile, the Brotherhood, still affected by the Mind Trap, attack the two and they race to Cassandra's tower to destroy it: however, Edmund is revealed to also be affected and Maximus rescues Eugene. Eugene gets through to Edmund who willingly destroys the Mind Trap. They return and rescue the Coronans from the Lost Realm.

The duo eventually ended up at Rapunzel's room, when the eclipse became in full effect. As Cassandra manages to grab the Sundrop from Princess Rapunzel, whose vast heavenly power suddenly transferred to a yellow opal on her chest. This act turns Rapunzel's hair from blonde to its natural dark brown but it somehow retains its seventy-feet length.

Zhan Tiri suddenly appears and snatches the Moonstone Opal from Cassandra. The ancient evil sorceress then grabs and clutches the heavenly Sunstone and Moonstone, rendering both Princess Rapunzel and Cassandra powerless and transforming herself into a giant demon (the debris destroying the machine in the process). She then traps Princess Rapunzel and Cassandra in a golden rock prison and leaves to destroy Corona.

Imprisoned, with Rapunzel, Cass breaks down sobbing, overcome with genuine guilt over her actions, begging Rapunzel to hate her. Instead, Rapunzel embraces Cass. Back outside while the Coronans battle Zhan Tiri(who overpowered them with the Decay Incantation), Rapunzel and Cassandra make up. Inspired by the phrase in Princess Rapunzel's book "Plus Est En Vous", Cassandra takes the broken piece of the moon stone from their earlier fight and gives it to Rapunzel, giving her just enough energy. They battle Zhan Tiri and force her to mesh the stones together at the cost of Rapunzel cutting her hair short again which slams Zhan Tiri's wrists together, sending the wicked demon obliterating into nothingness and black rocks disappear. The stones had became one.

Just as Rapunzel is ready to celebrate, she finds Cass lying limp on the ground, seemingly having perished in the explosion. Not willing to let her fully redeemed friend die, Rapunzel uses the healing incantation to revive Cassandra and heal everyone else before sending it out into space.

Cassandra decides to leave Corona to look for her own destiny and bids farewell to Rapunzel, who finally accepts her title of queen. Eugene becomes the head of the royal guards with Maximus at his side. Varian becomes the royal engineer and creates a heated water system, making Corona the first in the seven kingdoms to have hot running water. Edmund and the Brotherhood return to The Dark Kingdom to rebuild it and Lance decides to adopt Angry and Red as everyone enjoys their happily ever after. Later that evening, in their favorite gondola, Eugene finally proposes to Queen Rapunzel, who happily accepts.

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Final Appearances and Uses of Elements




Objects of Heavenly Power



  • Zhan Tiri: "This could have gone so differently, Demantius. But because of you, I will finally lay waste to your beloved Corona and all who inhabit it."


  • Zhan Tiri: "Looking for something? That old fool, Demanitus, would be proud at how far you've come, Princess."
  • Princess Rapunzel: "To be fair, we are talking about the same guy who outsmarted you and trapped in oblivion for over two millennia."
  • Zhan Tiri: "Joke all you want, but the eclipse is upon us."
  • Princess Rapunzel (starts to feel weak): "What? What's happening?"


  • Zhan Tiri: "The eclipse has already begun to weaken the Sundrop's strength. The time has come for you to take what is rightfully yours."
  • Cassandra: "Yes. It's time. There's just one thing. It's not that I don't trust you. Wait! That's exactly it."
  • Zhan Tiri (to herself): "I been in far worse prisons."


(Flashback to thousands of years ago)

  • Lord Demanitus: "Zhan Tiri, this is your last warning: Give up this foolish quest for power!!"
  • Zhan Tiri: "This quest for the Sundrop and Moonstone was both of ours!!"
  • Lord Demanitus: "It was until you made it about something darker!! You did it for gaining power for yourself!! You turned your back on what was right."
  • Zhan Tiri: "And you turned your back on me!! As long as I live, I will not stop until I have that power!!
  • Lord Demantius: "I know."
  • Zhan Tiri: "This is not over!!! I will have that power!!! And when I do, your beloved Corona will be destroyed!! THIS I PROMISE!!!"
  • Lord Demantius: "I had no choice, Vigor. I had to send her to...the Lost Realm."


  • Cassandra: "I helped you find your power within. It's only right I take it out."
  • Princess Rapunzel: "Cassandra, no."
  • Cassandra: "Sorry, Rapunzel. (Zhan Tiri jumps from behind Cassandra and grabs her moonstone) How did you-"
  • Zhan Tiri: "Finally. They're mine. I wanted to thank both of you for taking care of what rightfully belongs to me. Finally!! They are MINE!!"


  • Zhan Tiri: "Let the age of Zhan Tiri begin!!"
  • Eugene: "Okay. If that thing is that little girl, then she has hit a really unfortunate growth spurt."


  • Zhan Tiri: "At last, the power is mine. I dreamt of wielding the Sundrop and Moonstone for centuries!!"
  • Princess Rapunzel: "I am all about people living out their dreams!! But today, no so much!!"
  • Zhan Tiri: "(to Rapunzel) You may have been a worthy adversary once, Princess. But now you are nothing. (to Cassandra) And you- You lost before you even began, Girl. Just like your mother: Felled by your own ego."
  • Princess Rapunzel: "Leave her alone!!"
  • Zhan Tiri: "I'm sorry I gave you the impression we were having a conversation."
  • Princess Rapunzel: "Cass!!"
  • Zhan Tiri: "Now. Time to destroy Corona."


  • Varian: "Hey, Zhan Tiri, catch!!"
  • Zhan Tiri: "You're only delaying your demise."
  • Eugene: "You could have taken the form of a chimp, like your buddy, but noooo!! You just had to be whatever that is!!"


  • Princess Rapunzel: "Cass, don't know what this is!? It's power! We can use it to fight back against Zhan Tiri."
  • Cassandra: "No. You can use it to fight Zhan Tiri."
  • Princess Rapunzel: "Uh, this doesn't look like it's gonna last long."
  • Cassandra: "Well, then you better get a move on, Blondie."


  • Princess Rapunzel: "I'm bringing you back."
  • Eugene: "Rapunzel, don't. The power- It's too much."
  • Princess Rapunzel: "I'm willing to take that chance. We did not go so far to get our friend back, only to lose her now."

Flower gleam and glow

Let your power shine

Make the clock reverse

Bring back what once was mine

Heal what has been hurt

Change the Fates' design

Save what has been lost

* Cassandra (just having returned to life): "Raps?"

Bring back what once was mine

What once was mine

What once was mine



  • In a recurring error that began in Tangled: Before Ever After, this episode's title "Plus Est En Vous" is meant to mean "there is more in you" in French. However, the actual way to say this sentence in French is "il y a plus en vous".
  • When Rapunzel and her mom are on the hills, Rapunzel is shown to be wearing her original outfit while she and her mom are racing back to The Snuggly Duckling.
  • Cassandra said Rapunzel had Varian imprison her in amber but it was actually Zhan Tiri herself that pushed the button.
  • Varian's backpack only appears on his back when he is walking to the Demanitus' Tomb alongside Rapunzel, Eugene, Kiera, Catalina, Lance and Maximus.
  • When the song Through It All ends, Quirin is not showing to be wearing his gloves.
  • Varian's backpack disappears when he is at the Snuggly Duckling, when he, Quirin and Ruddiger at their home working on the heated water system.
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