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Pete and Stan are two members of the Royal Guards of Corona who appear in Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure. Both are often seen together throughout the show, carrying out their duties as guards. The duo is recognized by Corona's Captain of the Guard as his top men. As such, though they provide a fair amount of comedy to each episode, both guards are competent and efficient when carrying out their duties.


Physical Appearances

Both Pete and Stan wear standard Corona Guard uniforms. Pete is shorter and skinnier than Stan by a few inches. He has light dark blue eyes and freckles on each cheek. Stan is a few inches taller than Pete with more body build figure. He has dark brown eyes and a handlebar mustache.



Pete and Conli are first seen getting the magic flower to heal the queen. A princess is born and then stolen by Gothel. Later, the captain, Pete, Conli, Stan, and another guard are seen chasing Flynn Rider and the Stabbington Brothers after they stole the crown. Flynn gets away from them, but they are able to capture the Stabbingtons. Then they go to The Snuggly Duckling as they have heard that Flynn is there. He escapes, then when Maximus comes in, Pete asks, "What's he doing?" then the captain puts his hand on his mouth until Maximus pulls the lever for the passage. The captain takes his hand off and the guards go in. Meanwhile, the Stabbington brothers are able to escape Conli by knocking him out.

The guards find Flynn. Flynn knocks them all out with a frying pan.

The next day, Pete, Conli, and 2 other guards arrest Flynn after they see him and the crown on a boat. Off-screen, the captain and Stan arrest the Stabbington brothers soon after.

The next day, Pete is seen doing dungeon duty as Flynn is being escorted to his execution. As the guards recover from being knocked out, he runs to Flynn right after, but goes back to the dungeon after a few seconds. Then Pete, Stan, and Conli are seen shooting arrows as Flynn and Maximus are escaping. They are last seen with the other guards holding up frying pans as Maximus walks in between the guards.

Season One

Season Two

Season Three


  • In the film, Stan is the only major guard without any lines.
  • Pete has a fear of mimes, as seen in What the Hair?!.
  • Stan is married and was introduced to his wife by Corona's local candy man, Monty.
  • Stan may be illiterate, as he spelled "sweet" as "sweat" when drawing a map to Monty's shop for Rapunzel in Rapunzel's Enemy.
  • Pete dislikes quiche, as seen in In Like Flynn.
  • Kiera calls Pete "Captain Stache" referring to his black mustache, as he was made Acting Captain until the Captain returns with his search parties for Princess Rapunzel and her gang
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