Pascal's mother is the late birth mother of Pascal in Tangled: The Series. She debuted in a flashback in "Pascal's Story" which had revealed that she and her young son were pursued by a poisonous white snake during a rainstorm.


When Pascal was a small and defenseless infant, his mother remained him with loving side at all times. On a dark and stormy night, the two chameleons were attacked by a venomous White Snake. When they come across the river, Pascal's mother placed him on a small Lilly pad and bids him good-bye. She sends him off, giving her son the chance to escape while she does not. Through Pascal's mother was killed by the White Snake, the sacrifice allowed Pascal time to reach for safety.

In the episode "Destinies Collide", Pascal was very sad about his mother's death when Eugene mentioned about his late own mother, Queen Alexis, just like Pascal's mother


  • She doesn't speak anything at all.


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