"Pascal's Dragon" is the eleventh episode in Season 3 of Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure and the fifty-third overall. It first aired on January 12, 2020 to 0.27 million viewers.[1]


When Pascal befriends a baby dragon, he must decide between his new friend and the safety of Corona.[2]


Corona receives a new shipment of goods from a nearby kingdom and Pascal finds a new toy in what appears to be a simple marble. By nightfall he discovers that it is actually a dragon egg and it hatches. Although frightened at first, Pascal and the baby dragon instantly become fast and best friends and begin playing until they later fall asleep together in a nearby tree in the castle gardens. Meanwhile, Nigel was rather suspicious of the supposed marble and after a whole night of research, he eventually discovers the truth about the egg and shows it to Rapunzel in the morning. However, by that time when Pascal wakes up, he finds that his new friend has had a major growth spurt and after overhearing Nigel and Rapunzel talking about getting rid of his new friend, Pascal becomes determined to protect him. Pascal attempts to hide him somewhere in the castle, but it is not long until Rapunzel finds out. She realizes first hand the dragon is not a threat and decides to help while naming him, Little Big Guy.

With the help of Eugene, they manage to successfully sneak Little Big Guy out of the castle without being notice and try to teach him how to survive on his own, but do not have much success. However, they do get more info when they learn of Little Big Guy's abilities, including the fact he can share his own traits and gives Pascal his very own horn and pair of wings. By evening, they both attempt to fly, but end up crash landing while accidentally creating a small fire. Soon everyone learns about Little Big Guy's presence, and Nigel, because of his childhood fear of Dragons, leads the Royal Guards on a dragon hunt behind Rapunzel's back. He nearly endangers Rapunzel's when she tries to protect Little Big Guy. Luckily, Little Big Guy manages to learn how to fly, thus saving Rapunzel from falling and gives her and Pascal a wonderful experience as they all fly together. It later turns out that Pascal was helping Little Big Guy return to his family. The two friends tearfully bid each other farewell, and Little Big Guy flies off to reunite with his family, leaving Pascal in tears. Understanding that he still misses his friend, Rapunzel surprises Pascal with a painting of him and Little Big Guy as a wonderful reminder of his dear friend.





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  • The title is a nod on the movie Pete's Dragon
  • This is the first time a dragon appears in the show.
  • Rapunzel is the second person to hold Pascal by his tail at the end of the episode. The first person to hold Pascal by his tail was Varian in Rapunzel's Return after the former has an alchemy ball.
  • Pascal is temporarily given the ability to fly via the green wings, granted to him by his new lizard-like best friend, and breathe green fire. He also had small green horns.
  • The way Nigel is telling Pete, Stan and the other guards to hunt and hurt Little Big Guy in similar to the way Nigel told Pete and Stan to take Varian away from the castle in Queen for a Day because Nigel jumped to conclusion when he sees Varian is attacking Rapunzel even though in reality Varian begged Rapunzel to go to Old Corona.
  • Lance, Varian, Kiera, Catalina, Maximus and Cassandra did not appear in this episode.


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