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Pascal is the co-protagonist of Disney's Tangled franchise, serving as the tritagonist of Tangled, one of the two main protagonists (alongside Maximus) of Tangled Ever After, the protagonist of the two-part movie premiere, and the protagonist of the Disney Channel animated series Tangled: The Series.Pascal is the pet chameleon to Rapunzel, and her best friend, as well as a friend to her other companion and horse - Maximus.



Pascal is first introduced playing hide and seek with Rapunzel. At this time it is shown that Pascal also wants Rapunzel to leave the tower but, due to Mother Gothel, seems impossible. Whenever Gothel appears, Pascal blends into the background to hide. Pascal also joins Rapunzel in her chores, playtime, and painting. When Pascal finally convinces Rapunzel to leave the tower, she is harshly screamed at by Gothel for having such a ridiculous dream. Along with Rapunzel, Pascal is heartbroken. When Rapunzel and Pascal are intruded by Flynn Rider (aka Eugene Fitzherbert), he becomes extremely protective and suspicious of him but eases up when he becomes their ticket out of the tower.

During their adventure outside, Pascal constantly watches Eugene, but eventually warms up to the thief upon seeing the latter's initially selfish ways dissolve through his love for Rapunzel. After seeing the "floating lights," Rapunzel is manipulated by Gothel to believe Eugene had no feelings for her, and was only interested in receiving his satchel. As such, Pascal sadly joins her as she returns to the tower.

When Rapunzel finally realizes who she really is, she confronts Gothel. After Gothel reveals her true colors, she traps Rapunzel and stabs Eugene when he arrives. Pascal attempts to stop Gothel but she kicks him away to the other side of the room. When Pascal realizes Rapunzel must give up her freedom to save Eugene, he is devastated. When Eugene cuts Rapunzel's hair taking away its power, Mother Gothel ages and Pascal trips Gothel making her fall out the window and turns into dust during the long fall. As Rapunzel's crying tears save Eugene, Pascal joins Rapunzel and Eugene as Rapunzel reunites with her birth parents. Pascal is last seen enjoying the celebration of Rapunzel's return to the kingdom and watches as Rapunzel and Eugene share a kiss.

It is revealed in Pascal's Story that when Pascal was about two years old he and his mother were running away from a ferocious snake. The snake kept following them and Pascal's mother became tired, so she wrapped little Pascal in a lily pad and send him floating away in a river. Pascal was devastated to know that his mother didn't survive but he decided to seek refuge. Once he reached shore he climbed up the tower but the snake was still following him. Little Rapunzel saw the cute chameleon climbing but when the snake bit Pascal, Rapunzel was angered and hit the snake with a frying pan so it fell into a bush. Pascal was wounded and turned gray but Rapunzel didn't want her new friend to die, so she used her hair's healing power to bring him back to life, and once he was alive again, their relationship grew. She even gave him a violet-colored button and Rapunzel said "you will always be my best friend" making Pascal feel special and the two friends played with each other in the tower. When they left the tower and began spending the rest of their lives in the kingdom where things started changing, their friendship lasted.


  • This is the only main character who has had a backstory of an animal.[1]
  • He is named after the mathematician/physicist Blaise Pascal.
  • He sits atop the shoulders of Rapunzel, Eugene, Cassandra, Catalina, and Lance.


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