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Pascal is a chameleon who served as Rapunzel's sole companion (besides her "Mother Gothel") during her confinement in Gothel's tower.

Personality Edit

Pascal acts as Rapunzel's best friend and guide. He is very protective of Rapunzel and may even be considered aggressive to those he does not particularly like. For instance, Eugene Fitzherbert.

Although he is unable to communicate verbally with others, his bold and comedic actions usually speak for themselves.

Abilities Edit

Pascal camouflage

Pascal has the ability to change his color to blend in with his surroundings.

As a chameleon, Pascal is able to camouflage at will using the same colors given around him. Pascal also possesses a high level of intellect as he used the remains of Rapunzel's hair to trip Mother Gothel backwards, resulting to her falling down the tower.he is also bad at hide-and-seek.

Relationships Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Glen Keane originally wanted Rapunzel's companion to be a squirrel.[1]
  • Pascal's conception began as a gag: Rapunzel paints a lizard that walks into her work, and he constantly changes colors. As a result, Rapunzel gets frustrated because she has to keep mixing new colors to accommodate the chameleon's color change.[1]
  • Pascal is named after and based on the real life panther chameleon owned by animation artist Kellie Lewis.[2]

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