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Owl is Cassandra's pet owl and winged companion in the Disney Channel animated series, Tangled: The Series.


Physical Appearance

A brown owl will yellow-black eyes and black horns. His claws are a darker brown.


He is very loyal to Cassandra and is trained to follow her without verbal command. Per Cassandra's teachings, he is also an attack owl, having been taught to "go for the enemy's eyes first".

Unlike most owls, Owl does not mind being out in the day. He can also be very expressive with his face, scolding Cassandra when she lied about the Challenge of the Brave to Princess Rapunzel.

Much like Cassandra, Owl is fairly distant, and even cold at times, especially towards Pascal initially. It isn't until Pascal saves his life as Rapunzel's tower crumbled that he starts to slowly warm up to him.


Season One

Season Two

Season Three


  • Owl is loosely based on a Red Phase Eastern Screech Owl.
  • He is seen above Cassandra, in her light blue lady-in-waiting attire, Princess Rapunzel and Eugene, in a yellow-framed picture; seen in "Secret of the Sundrop" and "No Time Like the Past"
  • Co-Executive Producer, Ben Balistreri, originally wanted to name Owl "Who", but Story Editor Jase Ricci insisted on just naming him "Owl".
  • Owl is not a fan of reptiles or amphibians. He scared Pascal by showing the possibility of eating him.
  • Owl has been trained to be an attack owl, trained to gouge his victims eyes out first.
  • Unlike Pascal and Maximus, he is a supporting character instead of a main one and does not appear in every episode per season.
  • Just like Ruddiger had with Varian and accompanied him to prison, Owl dutifully and loyalty remains by Cassandra's side all throughout her darker path of ravaging the whole world with the mystical Moonstone's supremely powerful destructive and deathly magic until he flew back to Corona in Islands Apart.
    • Also like Ruddiger who doesn't want Varian to lose his way because he wanted his owner to come to his senses again, Owl didn't want Cassandra to lose her way because Owl wanted his owner to come to her senses again.


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