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Old Corona is a village located in the mainland of Corona in Tangled: The Series. It is currently run by Quirin.


As its name indicates, the village predates the present-day Kingdom of Corona. It is built alongside with Corona's border wall in the mainland and led by Quirin. It contains the agricultural land to provide harvest and food supply for the kingdom. It is normally a peaceful village but is sometimes troubled by Varian's dangerous experiments. After Rapunzel touches the Black Rocks, resulting in the rocks' rapid growth outside the wall, the village is the first victim damaged by the growing rocks.

After a while, Quirin realizes that the village is unable to operate due to the rocks. He asks for King Frederic to provide extra land, citing a "quite bountiful" harvest as the reason for his request. Frederic seems to understand Quirin's metaphor and accepts his request to move the people. The village is believed to be abandoned after the storm, with Quirin is encased in the amber. As of "Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?" much of the black rocks have subsided and it is rebuilt.


Season One

Season Three


  • From a distance, a pleased and impressed Adira had witnessed Princess Rapunzel utilize her blonde hair's mystical abilities in conjunction with the Black Rocks to defeat Varian and his gigantic automaton
  • It is finally rebuilt in even greater splendour with the help of Princess Rapunzel and everyone else in the kingdom. This initially was to help Kiera and Catalina make a brand new start
  • A pumpkin patch is seen in "Race to the Spire"