"No Time Like the Past" is the fifth episode in third season of Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure and the forty-seventh overall. It first aired on October 11, 2019 to 0.31 million viewers.[1]


An ancient hourglass sends Rapunzel and Pascal back in time, and their only hope of returning to the present is in the hands of a teenage Lance and Eugene.[2]


Rapunzel, Eugene, Pascal, and Lance were starting the day's duties when they saw Old Lady Crowley taking things out of Cassandra's old room. Rapunzel, believing that Cassandra is still her friend, was against it. Later, Rapunzel was looking fondly over her old friend's things when Eugene tried to convince her to let Cassandra go and move on. But Rapunzel told him that "friends don't leave friends behind" and left the room with a box filled with some of Cassandra's things, unaware that during their conversation, an ancient hourglass fell into it.

Soon, Rapunzel found it while talking to Pascal about Cassandra and accidentally made it send them both back in time and they ran into a teenage Lance and Eugene. They also learn that they're in the bodies of the Stabbington Brothers (Rapunzel in Sideburns and Pascal in Patchy). In a state of shock and panic, Rapunzel and Pascal got themselves arrested by the younger guards. But they managed to escape and find a book in Xavier's shop, which explains the hourglass they found and how to use it.

Pretending to be Sideburns, Rapunzel convinced teenage Eugene and Lance to sneak her inside the castle and steal the hourglass in the royal vault. But as they tried to get away in the underground tunnels, Lance got caught in a trap and was left behind. Rapunzel scolded Eugene for leaving his friend behind and went back to save Lance.

As Rapunzel worked to get Lance out of jail, Eugene had a change of heart and came to help. They all escape capture and fled to the woods, where Rapunzel and Pascal use the hourglass to send themselves back to the present. When they returned to their time, Rapunzel was surprise to see Eugene putting Cassandra's things back in her room after the conversation they had. Eugene apparently believe he told Rapunzel about Old Lady Crowley throwing Cassandra's things away and said that even though he questions Cass's tastes, she's still their friend. Rapunzel decides not to question it, for she agreed that friends don't leave friends behind.





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  • The title is the exact opposite of the saying "No time like the present"
  • We see how teenage Eugene first came up with "the smolder"
  • Even as a toddler and teenager, Lance still had no hair.
  • Rapunzel remembers the path that she, Varian, Ruddiger and Pascal went to the underground tunnels in "The Alchemist Returns".
  • The painting that Lance and Eugene hide in front of is the same one that Anna poses in front of in the song For the First Time in Forever from Frozen.


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