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| enemies =[[Varian]], [[Little Big Guy]] (all formerly), [[Cassandra]]
| enemies =[[Varian]], [[Little Big Guy]] (all formerly), [[Cassandra]]
| likes =Being listened to, his "regal" accent
| likes =Being listened to, his "regal" accent
| dislikes =Fairytales, war, blizzards, [[Varian]], being ignored, his natural American accent, dragons
| dislikes =Fairytales, war, blizzards, [[Varian]], being ignored, his natural American accent, dragons, rats
| powers =
| powers =
| weapons =
| weapons =

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Nigel is a supporting character in Tangled: The Series and in particularly, acts as the royal advisor to King Frederic, and also Princess Rapunzel when she becomes acting queen.



Nigel is seen as a proud man as he kept his true accent a secret, to make him sound noble, and getting upset when he is ignored. Indicating that he likes being notice and having attention on him. He is also shown to a observant, as he knew of the true report of Old Corona's crops. He seems to have a strong distrust of Varian, even before Varian's path to the dark begins.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Nigel is a tall slim man with long brown hair that is tied back with a yellow ribbon, the shade of his hair is the color as his eyes. He also has a large-like nose. The uniform that he wears is a red coat with a white shirt.

Appearances Edit

Season One Edit

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  • Nigel usually speaks with a British accent, but he has an American accent in nature.
  • Along with Zhan Tiri and Mother Gothel, those 3 are the most hated characters in the show.
  • It is revealed he has a fear of dragons in "Be Very Afraid!"


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