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Nigel is a supporting character in Tangled: The Series and in particularly, acts as the royal advisor to King Frederic, and also Princess Rapunzel when she becomes acting queen.



Nigel is seen as a proud man as he kept his true accent a secret, to make him sound noble, and getting upset when he is ignored. Indicating that he likes being notice and having attention on him. He is also shown to a observant, as he knew of the true report of Old Corona's crops. He seems to have a strong distrust of Varian, even before Varian's path to the dark begins.

Physical Appearance

Nigel is a tall slim man with long brown hair that is tied back with a yellow ribbon, the shade of his hair is the color as his eyes. He also has a large-like nose. The uniform that he wears is a red coat with a white shirt.


Season One

Season Three


  • Along with Zhan Tiri and Mother Gothel, those 3 are the most hated characters in the show.
  • It is revealed he has a fear of dragons in "Be Very Afraid!"
  • Nigel usually speaks with a British accent, but he has an American accent in nature.

Although he is not a villain, he still has four crimes (abuse of power, treason, attempted murder, and spreading false news). First, in "Queen For A Day" and "Pascal's Dragon", he keeps ordering the guards what to do even though he has no right to do that. Second, in "Pascal's Dragon", he does not listen to Rapunzel and after she leaves, he tells the guards to kill Little Big Guy. Third, he tries to kill Little Big Guy. Fourth, in "Queen For A Day", he keeps spreading false news about Varian.

In "Queen For A Day" and "Pascal's Dragon", it is unknown why Nigel has the right to order the guards what to do.