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Next Stop, Anywhere is a song sung by Rapunzel, Eugene, and Cassandra in the first episode of Season 2, Beyond the Corona Walls.


Rapunzel: I wanna break every rule and cross every line
I wanna show all the stars how stars oughta shine
I wanna do as I please and knock the world to its knees
And go wherever the breeze is blowing

Next stop, anywhere
Gotta a whole wide world to see
Nothing's stopping me
Next stop, anywhere
'Cause there's so much waiting
I know it's waiting
I feel it waiting out there

(Instrumental bridge)

Eugene: We're gonna toss out the maps and follow the sun
Rapunzel: We're gonna blaze our own path and go on the run
Eugene: We're gonna get out and do what nobody's done
Rapunzel: There's so much out there to do, we've barely begun
Eugene: We're gonna take every dare
Both: And feel the wind in our hair
With no one telling us where we're going

Next stop, anywhere
If you're there I'm gonna be where I wanna be
Next stop, anywhere
And the world is calling
It is keeps on calling
Just think of all that we'll share

(Instrumental bridge)

Cassandra: Next stop, anywhere
Gotta feeling things'll be happening suddenly
Rapunzel: Next stop, anywhere
Gonna chase my destiny, find my best in me
Eugene: Next stop, anywhere
'Cause it's time we went to be where we're meant to be
All: Next stop, anywhere
Cassandra: And the world is waiting
Eugene: I feel it waiting
Rapunzel: It's all just waiting out there

All: Everywhere

Eugene: We're gonna walk down that path and over the rise
Rapunzel: Guess we'll discover just where our destiny lies
Eugene: Who cares how dark it'll be, 'cause I've got you
Rapunzel: You've got me
Both: So let's go see where this whole thing's going

Next stop, anywhere
Rapunzel: And where I'm supposed to be with you close to me
Both: Next stop, anywhere
Eugene: Facing every jeopardy linked inseparably
Both: Next stop, anywhere
Rapunzel: Though it may get rough for us
Eugene: We're enough for us
Both: Next stop, anywhere
Rapunzel: And the world is waiting
Eugene: I feel it waiting
Rapunzel: With new adventures to share

Eugene: Everywhere
Both: Everywhere

Rapunzel: Next Stop, Anywhere
There was so much waiting I felt it waiting
I knew it was waiting out there...


  • The reprise version is one of the few songs from the series that have dialogue on the soundtrack version.