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Mrs. Sugarby (or known as Sugracha the Eternal) is an evil spirit and antagonist in the episode "Painter's Block" of Tangled: The Series.


She is a former pupil of Lord Demanitus until she betrayed him to his archenemy Zhan Tiri and become one of his disciples that Lord Demanitus had eventually caught and imprisoned.

In Painter's Block, she was freed from the prison when the Demanitus Device was used to once again end her master's blizzard. She utilized her freedom to find a way to free her mistress from her imprisonment; which came in the form of Corona's new art gallery. As there are many people that want their artwork to be placed in the gallery, so she opens up an art class for those who want to improve; while secretly gathering her candidates that would allow her to preform a spell that would free her master.

In order for the spell to work, she needs five people to paint the giant tree at Janis Point exactly on each canvas. If one is painted differently, the spell wouldn't work. So to make sure that doesn't happen she puts her art students under a spell.

She successfully hypnotized Feldspar, Ulf, Lance Strongbow, Friedborg, and Rapunzel to help her finish the paintings. When the spell was almost completed, Eugene and Cassandra arrived in time to stop her. With Eugene's encouragement, Rapunzel overcame the hypnotism and destroyed the canvas. As the portal to free Zhan Tiri was closing, she was tossed in by a kick from Fidella's hooves.


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