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return {
    "Tangled: Before Ever After",
    "What the Hair?!",
    "Rapunzel's Enemy",
    "Fitzherbert P.I.",
    "Challenge of the Brave",
    "Cassandra v. Eugene",
    "The Return of Strongbow",
    "In Like Flynn",
    "Great Expotations",
    "Under Raps",
    "One Angry Princess",
    "Pascal's Story",
    "Big Brothers of Corona",
    "The Wrath of Ruthless Ruth",
    "Max's Enemy",
    "The Way of the Willow",
    "Queen for a Day",
    "Painter's Block",
    "Not in the Mood",
    "The Quest for Varian",
    "The Alchemist Returns",
    "Secret of the Sun Drop",
    "Beyond the Corona Walls",
    "The Return of Quaid",
    "Goodbye and Goodwill",
    "Forest of No Return",
    "Vigor the Visionary",
    "Keeper of the Spire",
    "King Pascal",
    "There's Something About Hook Foot",
    "Happiness Is...",
    "Max and Eugene in Peril on the High Seas",
    "The Eye of Pincosta",
    "Rapunzel and the Great Tree",
    "The Brothers Hook",
    "Rapunzel: Day One",
    "Mirror, Mirror",
    "You're Kidding Me!",
    "Lost and Found",
    "Destinies Collide",
    "Rapunzel's Return",
    "Return of the King",
    "Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?",
    "The Lost Treasure of Herz Der Sonne",
    "No Time Like the Past",
    "The King and Queen of Hearts",
    "Day of the Animals",
    "Be Very Afraid",
    "Pascal's Dragon",
    "Islands Apart",
    "Cassandra's Revenge",
    "Race to the Spire",
    "A Tale of Two Sisters",
    "Once a Handmaiden...",
    "Plus Est En Vous",
    "Prison Bake",
    "Make Me Smile",
    "Hare Peace",
    "Night Bite",
    "Hiccup Fever",