Mirror Rapunzel Title
Mirror Rapunzel
is the evil counterpart of Princess Rapunzel in Mirror, Mirror.


She first appeared when the other mirror counterparts attempts to switch Mirror Rapunzel with the real Rapunzel. Unfortunately during the struggle Rapunzel manage to put her mirror self back into the mirror and pretended to be her. While back in the mirror world, Mirror Rapunzel encountered the real Eugene and the others, who mistake her for the real Rapunzel. However  they realize that she is a mirror clone when she made a gloomy remark, and revealed her truth self as she began to fight them, even overpowering them. Until Eugene used his smolder to subdue her, causing her to be trapped in the wardrobe. It is assumed that when The House of Yesterday's Tomorrow turn into dust, the Mirror was destroyed and along with Mirror Rapunzel and the others.



  • Like the other counterparts, Mirror Rapunzel has traits that differ from Princess Rapunzel
    • She has a Gloomy Personalty.
    • She has grown long fingernails.
    • She wasn't immune to Eugene's Smolder expression
  • She was the only one of the mirror counterparts to enter from and return back to the Mirror World when she attempted to switch places with her counterpart.
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